Targeted Courses in the TAMIU First-Year Graduate Success Program

Courses with SI leaders
Communications COMM 5302 Quant Research Meth Comm. Lozano 8
Criminal Justice CRIJ 5320 Advanced Meth of Social Res Dmello 36
Mathematics MATH 5305 Real Analysis I Saikali 14
Mathematics MATH 5320 Complex Variables  Lin 17
Psychology PSYC 5320 Research Design & Statistics Vasquez 13
Sociology SOCI 5321 Social Inquiry Ynalvez, M 10


 Graduate Supplemental Instruction Program

A Peer Mentoring Program comprised of a first-year program within science and mathematics graduate programs to improve student success in quantitatively difficult gateway courses. Graduate Supplemental Instruction Leaders (SI Leaders) will provide scheduled out of class, peer facilitated sessions for extra assistance in course material.These facilitator-led study group sessions are open to graduate students enrolled in the courses above.

Courses with SI Leaders


First year targeted courses
Course Course Description SI Leader Email
CRIJ 5320 Advanced Meth of Social Res Franco Zamora francisco.zamora@tamiu.edu 
PSYC 5320 Research Design & Statistics Brenda Guerrero brenda.guerrero@tamiu.edu 
SOCI 5321 Social Inquiry Richard Esqueda richard.esqueda@tamiu.edu 

Schedule of SI Sessions 


SI sessions will begin the first week of class. SI leaders will introduce themselves and survey the class for best time frames to hold sessions. Individual sessions may be scheduled with the SI leader independently of the group sessions. SI leaders will also hold office hours to best accommodate those unable to attend the SI sessions. Online students may attend individual SI sessions with their leader via Blackboard Collaborate; appointments must be made.



Virtual appointments can be made via this link.
SI Session - Day Time Location
Tuesday 9:45-10:45AM Blackboard Collaborate Space
Thursday 9:45-10:45AM Blackboard Collaborate Space
Office Hours - Day Time Location
Tuesday 11AM-1PM Blackboard Collaborate Space
Thursday 11AM-1PM Blackboard Collaborate Space
Friday 10AM-11:30AM Blackboard Collaborate Space












Homework Video Tutorials - R Studio 


Chapter 1 


Chapter 2 Part 1 


Chapter 2 Part 2


Chapter 3 & 4 


Chapter 5 


Chapter 6 

SI Session - Day Time Location
Tuesday 7-8PM Blackboard Collaborate Space
Thursday 7-8PM Blackboard Collaborate Space
Office Hours - Day Time Location
Tuesday 6-7PM Blackboard Collaborate Space
Tuesday 8-9PM Blackboard Collaborate Space
Thursday 6-7PM Blackboard Collaborate Space
Thursday 8-9PM Blackboard Collaborate Space


Video Tutorials


How to Interpret a theoretical model & find variables to measure


How to manipulate variables in data sets


How to run Simple Linear and Binary regression models


How to run a binary logistic regression & a simple binary logistic


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