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Targeted Courses in the TAMIU First-Year Graduate Success Program

Graduate Supplemental Instruction Program

A Peer Mentoring Program comprised of a first-year program within science and mathematics graduate programs to improve student success in quantitatively difficult gateway courses. Graduate Supplemental Instruction Leaders (SI Leaders) will provide scheduled out of class, peer facilitated sessions for extra assistance in course material.These facilitator-led study group sessions are open to graduate students enrolled in the courses above.

Current Courses with SI Leaders

Courses with SI Leaders
Course Course Description SI Leader Email
COMM 5303 Quant Research Meth Comm. Stephanie Mancha stephanie.mancha@tamiu.edu
CRIJ 5320 Advanced Meth of Social Res. Cesar I. Rodriguez cesar.rodriguez@tamiu.edu
PSYC 5320 Research Design&Statistics VACANT TBD
MATH 5304 Number Theory Oscar Benavides oscar.benavides@tamiu.edu
MATH 5330 Abstract Variables Nathalie Moya nathalie.moya@tamiu.edu

Get Ready for SI Sessions

At TAMIU ARC, we're committed to helping you succeed in your academic journey right from the start. Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions will kick off during the first week of classes, providing valuable support to enhance your learning experience.

Meet Your SI Leaders

Our dedicated SI leaders are here to assist you. During the initial SI session, they will introduce themselves and gather input from the class to determine the most convenient time frames for group sessions. We value your feedback and want to ensure that SI sessions fit seamlessly into your schedule.

Flexible Support Options

We understand that individualized support is important, which is why you can schedule one-on-one sessions with your SI leader independently of the group sessions. Our SI leaders are also available during office hours to accommodate those who can't attend the group sessions.

Online Learning? No Problem!

For online students, we've got you covered, too. You can participate in individual SI sessions with your SI leader through Blackboard Collaborate. To arrange a session, simply make an appointment.

Whether you're looking for group support or personalized assistance, our SI program is here to help you thrive academically. Get ready to excel with the support of our SI leaders!


Get the Support You Need

At TAMIU ARC, we understand that academic challenges can arise at any time and for other courses not listed. That's why we're here to help you succeed. Whether you're struggling with a specific subject or looking for guidance to excel in your studies, our dedicated team of tutors is ready to assist you.

Reach Out to Us

Don't hesitate to reach out to our office for personalized tutoring guidance. Simply send us an email with your questions or requests, and our experienced tutors will get back to you promptly. We're committed to helping you achieve your academic goals, and our virtual doors are always open to assist you on your learning journey.

How to Contact Us

Email: TAMIUARC@tamiu.edu
Subject Line: [Course Name] [Student Name]

Your success is our priority. Let us support you in your academic endeavors. Contact us today, and together, we'll pave the way to your educational excellence!