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The TAMIU ARC program provides free printing of posters to TAMIU students.

Students wanting to take advantage of this service must fill out the online form below. They must also have a faculty sponsor and a minimum of one week is required to guarantee fulfillment of service. Find out more about the file requirements and other logistics by visting our resources page (https://www.tamiu.edu//cees/resources1.shtml).

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Graduate Biology Research

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, 2017) is increasingly emphasizing the importance of cross-cutting disciplinary areas like Data Science and Geographic Information Science for growth in the upcoming decades. At TAMIU, Data Science and Bioinformatics are areas envisioned for future expansion based on strategic institutional goals. With this in mind, and to build on much-needed state formula funding, TAMIU ARC will make strategic investments in the Master of Science in Biology program, focusing on the areas of bioinformatics, ecologic modeling, and geographic information systems. Specific biology courses that will be enhanced include: Advanced Environmental Microbiology (BIOL 5420), Advanced Geographic Information Systems (BIOL 5460), Advanced Bioinformatics (BIOL 5471), and Biodiversity (BIOL 5472).

Recently, TAMIU was awarded funding from the Department of Defense to purchase computational nodes to support research. Relevant to this Title V program is the bioinformatics clusters that are soon to come on line. The Department of Defense grant did not support the acquisition of software. The TAMIU ARC program is allowing us to buy the software needed to make this resource a cutting-edge platform to support research. Below listed are the software packages recently acquired with TAMIU ARC funding during 2020.

CLC Genomics Workbench
CLC Genome Finishing Module
CLC Microbial Genomics Module
Software: Microbial GX
Software: OmicsBox

These resources will also help to accelerate time-to-degree completion in the MS in Biology program, which lags behind other degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences at TAMIU.

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