The Texas A&M International University Summer Research Bootcamp was created to help undergraduate students develop foundational knowledge and skills for research, to encourage them to consider graduate school. Graduate students were also allowed to attend the bootcamp if desired. All students were assigned a mentor to work with them on their research projects which ranged from subjects such as biology, to environmental science, to business, and to public health, among others. As well as working with mentors, all students completed exercises teaching them the R data management and statistical package. The bootcamp concluded with a session where all students presented their projects to the entire team.


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Applications for the 2023 ARC Summer Bootcamp are now open!


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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out the Program Manager, Tano Trevino at tano.trevino@tamiu.edu or 956.326.2499




The Agenda Will Include:

  • Overview of scientific method & research 
  • Review of data types & basic statistics 
  • CV/Resume Writing 
  • Critical assessment of journal articles
  • Assessing quality of evidence 
  • Ethics in publishing
  • Writing a biographical statement 
  • Drafting a research question 
  • Work on research project and present



Feedback from Faculty Mentors agreed that summertime is ideal and the BootCamp is a strong program that has much to offer including: supplemental instruction leaders to assist students, a strong student cohort from different majors, a variety of different software. 



Student Photos


Crystal Vasquez



Eva Sanchez


Hector Cardenas


Maritza Garcia

Student Participants (not pictured): Antonio Rosales, Asia Ho, Carlos Delgado, Diego Cardenas, Edwin Torres, Erick Cervantes, Franchesca Ramirez, Hector Cardenas, Jesus Rodriguez Jr., Kassandra Smith, Lissette Montemayor, Luisa Villareal, Melissa Villarreal, Miles Perez, Rachel Simon, Saliha Garcia, Sandra Garza




Feedback from the mentors included suggestions for improvement including earlier assignment of the students and being more directive with the exercises for the students. Overall, the mentors believed the bootcamp was a great structured opportunity for faculty and students to work together. A majority (more than 80%) of the student participants agreed or strongly agreed that the various topics covered in the bootcamp helped them. One stated “I love all the information and learning we were able to obtain throughout the course…” TAMIU was pleased with the bootcamp and hopes to repeat it in future summers.




Student Photos


Alicia Segovia


Cynthia San Miguel


Jenna Arsuaga


Joseph Villarreal


Katherine Carrera


Norma Garcia


Prakash Aryal


Richard Esqueda


Sandra Garza


Mary Newton


Sugam Pokharel



Student Participants (not pictured): Richard Almedia, Maria Fernandez Astrain, Bertha L. Gallegos, Saliha Garcia, Aleah Gonzalez, Madeline Kilburn, Marshall Moncivais, Alejandra Pena, Daniela E. Ruiz, Jesus A. Sanchez, Rachel E. Simon, Paola Vidal, Luisa Villarreal, Melissa Villarreal




Mentor Photos


Dr. Anwen Yin


Dr. Arthur Soto-Vasquez


Dr. Audrey Choh


Dr. Deepak Ganta


Dr. Fei Luo


Dr. Honwei Wang


Dr. Janamanchi Balaji


Dr. Jared Dmello


Dr. Kenneth Tobin


Dr. Miryoung Lee


Dr. Monica Mendez


Dr. Susan Fenton


Dr. Desi Vasquez


Dr. Kameron Jorgensen


Dr. Marcus Ynalvez


Dr. Monica Munoz


Dr. Mustafa Al-Lail



Mentors (not pictured): Dr. Jacqueline Mayfield, Dr. Milton Mayfield

TAMIU ARC Summer Research Bootcamp


Student Presentations
Student Mentor Presentation Title
Richard Almedia Dr. Audrey Choh Too Little or Too Much Sleep Influences Mental Health: Depressive Symptoms
Jenna Arsuaga  Dr. Munoz Empathy Focused Interventions 
Prakash Aryal Dr. Jorgensen Thermochemical Properties of Cyclic and Caged Nitrogen Containing Explosives: HMX, RDX, and Their Derivaties
Maria Astrain Dr. Audrey Choh Hypertension and the New Guidelines
Katherine Carrera Dr. Hongwei Wang The Effect of Music on Exercise Performance
Richard Esqueda Dr. Ynalvez Suicide Acceptability Among the Hispanic Population
Saliha Garcia Dr. Luo How Does Social Media Time Consumption Impact Student's Mental Health 
Norma Garcia  Dr. S.K. Cho Analyzing the Relationship Between Menopause and Heart Disease
Sandra V. Garza  Dr. Dmello Just One of the Guys'?: An Examination of Women's Portrayal in Scholarly Gang-Related Research 
Aleah Gonzalez Dr. Mendez Heterotrophic Bacterial Growth in Soil Microcosms Irrigated with Varying Triclosan Concentrations
Jessica Hernandez  Dr. Soto-Vasquez COVID-19 : Contextualizing Transitional Misinformation Flows in U.S. Latina/o/x Border Communities (Media and Communication during COVID-19
Madeline Kilburn Dr. Fenton Sociodemographic Factors Related to Fetal Deaths in the United States 
Marshal Moncivais Dr. Al Lail Resource Access Within A Generalized Spatio-Temporal Role-Based Access Control Mode
Mary Newton Dr. S.K. Cho Factors That Influence Depression in Hispanic Dementia Caregivers
Alejandra Pena Dr. Jorgensen Breaking Bonds: A Theoretical Study of Bromine Halocarbons
Sugam Pokharel Dr. Tobin Determining Relation Between Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever) and Soil Moisture Conditions of Arizona and California Using SMERGE
Daniella Ruiz Dr. Miryoung Lee The Predictability of Irregular Periods
Cynthia San Miguel Dr. Hongwei Wang Sex Differences in Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors
Jesus A. Sanchez Dr. Ganta Analysis on COVID-19 Using Support Vector Machine
Alicia Segovia  Dr. Fenton COVID-19 Deaths by Race, Ethnicity, and Age
Rachel Simon Dr. Dmello Predictors of Terrorism in the United States: An Exploratory Analysis
Paola Vidal Dr. Miryoung Lee Testing the Association Between Sarcopenia and Telomere Length
Joseph Villarreal Drs. Mayfield Examining Motivating Language (ML) Theory within Public and Private University's Mission Statements
Melissa Villarreal Dr. Desi Vasquez The Relationship Between Age and Friendship in Men
Luisa Villarreal Dr. Monica Munoz The Relationship Between the Dark Triad and Consideration of Future Consequence




Soto-Vásquez, A.D., Gonzalez, A., Shi, W., Garcia, N., Hernandez, J. In Review. COVID-19: Contextualizing Transnational Misinformation Flows in a U.S. Latinx Border Community. Paper in Howard Journal of Communications, Special Issue on Media and Communication during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Tobin, K.J., Pokharel, S., Bennett, M.E., 2020. Discerning Relationships between Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever), Root Zone Soil Moisture, and El Nino Southern Oscillation in California and Arizona, Presentation at Fall Meeting American Geophysical Union, Virtual Meeting, December 1-17.,p. 

Blackburn, Angelique M. & Eva Sanchez, (2021) Adapting the Adaptive Control Hypothesis: Characterizing New Bilingual Contexts, Sept. 25, 2021. Oral Presentation at Southwestern Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Conference (ARMADILLO).

Blackburn, Angelique M. & Miles Perez, (2021) Anxiety in older and younger adults during the COVID-19 pandemic: Implications for Cognitive Research, November 4-7. Presentation at the Virtual 2021 Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society.

Blackburn, A. M., & Perez, M. (2021, June 28). Age-Specific Well-being Activities to Reduce Anxiety During a Health Crisis. Open Science Framework. Retrieved from osf.io/s8uer

Dmello, J. R., Garza, S., Simon, R. (2021). Guns N’ Roses: An Examination of Gang Violence Networks in New Jersey. American Society of Criminology - 76th Annual Meeting 2021

Wang, H., (2021). How did COVID-19 lockdown affect Hispanic University students' daily life?. Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting 

Soto-Vásquez, A.D. & *Sánchez-Santos, M., “El Cabal, Vacunas, y Donald Trump: An Analysis of Spanish-Language Misinformation Leading Up to the U.S. Capitol Insurrection.” Cultural Studies <-> Critical Methodologies. https://doi.org/10.1177%2F15327086221093949


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