Type of Allocation: The Center for Earth and Environmental Studies (CEES) at TAMIU has acquired a high-end dual Linux and PC computational platform to support research funded by NSF, US Department of Defense, and local funding from CEES. Both Linux and PC nodes are available for eligible TAMIU faculty.

Submission Schedule: Requests are typically reviewed and awarded on a monthly basis. For consideration for the following month an application must be submitted (e-mailed to ktobin@tamiu.edu) no later than 5 pm on the third Friday of the month.

Eligibility: Any TAMIU tenure or tenure track faculty member with an active research agenda is invited to apply.

Award Condition: Usage of awarded nodes will be evaluated on a monthly basis. If an awarded faculty member’s use of the TAMIU/CEES HPC resource is not at the level proposed than these nodes may be reallocated to another user.

Application Form: Please click the button below if you are interested in applying for access to these resources.

click here button
Also include with application:

(1) A brief 100 word abstract that describes the purpose, nature, and objectives of the proposed project.

(2) A short (2 page) NSF or NIH style CV.

Required Reporting: Within three months after completing their allotted access the awarded faculty member is required to write a brief report outlining the names of students supported, generated conference presentations and referred papers, and grants submitted that would not have been possible without access to the TAMIU/CEES HPC environment. Failure to submit this required report may result in restrictions on future access to TAMIU/CEES HPC nodes.