The SMERGE team continues to develop applications for this product. Our next presentation is listed below:


Tobin, K.J.* and Bennett, M.E., 2020, Improving SWAT Model Calibration by Using Diverse

     Soft Data Including Soil MERGE (SMERGE), AWRA 2020 Geospatial Water Technology

     Conference on “Complex Systems,” Austin, TX, March 25.

What is SMERGE? SMERGE is a multi-decadal root-zone soil moisture product that is in development for the continental United States. The product merges NLDAS land surface model output with surface satellite retrievals from the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative. Therefore, unlike other observation soil moisture products, SMERGE spans nearly 4 decades (1979 to 2015) and has a 0.125° spatial resolution at a daily time-step.


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