DoD has recently funded CEES to develop an eight-week undergraduate research apprenticeship experience to take place between May to August 2020. Students will be exposed to cutting-edge research in the areas of Systems and Petroleum Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, and Geosciences. These apprentices will become more technology savvy through intensive hands-on training with high performance computational equipment.

To be eligible for consideration students must register before March 3, 2020, by submitting an application through the following website. All students must be U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents (green card holders).

Deadline #1: By 03/2/2020 - apply through US Army AEOP website https://www.usaeop.com/program/urap/. Click the button below:

Deadline #2: By 04/1/2020 - apply through TAMIU DustyWorks for this Grant Research position.

Eligibility Requirements:
1. TAMIU and Laredo College (LC) students must have completed 45 semester credit hours by the end of the Spring 2020 semester to be eligible and must have declared a major in a STEM field;
2. Must be U.S. citizens or nationals, or permanent resident aliens who live in the Laredo, Texas area;
3. Must submit official transcript with a minimum overall GPA of 3.00, with a 3.25 GPA preferred in STEM courses;
4. Must submit two letters of recommendation (at least one from a STEM faculty member detailing academic accomplishments), which include an assessment of qualifications for this program focusing on the student’s potential to conduct research;
5. Must submit an essay describing any research interests and how they align with a member of the project team. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their ideas with potential mentors before applying. Any prior research experience should also be highlighted. Also, future career plans should be addressed;
6. Applicants must submit apply through the US Army AEOP website and if approved by the DoD apply for a Student Research Assistant position that will be posted internally at TAMIU;
7. Extra consideration will be given to applicants with financial need, minorities, women and persons with disabilities to increase participation of these groups which are underrepresented in the STEM fields.

Download the TAMIU Undergraduate Research Apprenticeships Flyer


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