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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

VII.  Classroom Research Guidelines


All use of live vertebrate animals at TAMIU requires prior IACUC approval.


Only exceptions are those live vertebrate animal use activities listed below, which do NOT require IACUC approval

  • Activities in which the animal is under the control of the owner or an owner-designated handler (except in the case of clinical trials).
  • Activities in which a veterinarian is providing routine clinical services to a privately owned animal, herd, or farm or to wild animals.
  • Field studies, as defined in Animal Welfare Act regulations (“…any study conducted on free-living wild animals in their natural habitat, which does not involve an invasive procedure, and which does not harm or materially alter the behavior of the animals under study.”).

Although IACUC review and approval is not required for these activities, the IACUC is willing to conduct standard review as requested. The IACUC recommends that these activities receive some type of administrative review for potential legal, liability, and public relations concerns.



      I.  Guide to the IACUC Application Process - Researchers Start Here

    II.  IACUC Forms, Guidelines/Regulations and Useful Links

   III.  Training - Required

   IV.  IACUC Members

    V.  Frequently Asked Questions

   VI.  IACUC Letter of Assurance

 VII.  Classroom Research Guidelines

VIII.  Reporting Animal Mistreatment 

IX.  TAMIU IACUC Policy and Procedures Manual (available from IACUC Chair)


If you have questions, please contact the IACUC Chair, Dr. Roberto Heredia, (, CH 205B, 956-326-2637         


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