Principal 268 & Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL)

The College of Education provides Principal Certification for students who have already received a Master's Degree in the field of education and have two years of teaching experience .  With this program, students obtain the educational tools necessary to provide administrative leadership in grades EC-12 educational institutions.  TAMIU has faculty members who are former classroom teachers and administrators that bring real-world experience through your learning experience.  Below you may view the certification process for Principals.    

Two Different Assesments
For Certification

Limit of 5 attempts on Each Exam

newly Redesigned program with 
80 Candidates in Progress

75% Pass rate of Principalship Exam (268)




Educator Testing for Certification

First Step (Complete Assignments)
1. Complete TEA Practice Manual for your content area and complete practice test.
2. Complete ETSPraxis Manual of your content area and complete practice test.
3. Complete Certify Teacher software program 1X (240 in all domains is passing)
4. Complete TCERT software program (80% in all domains is passing)

Note: All assignments to be submitted via blackboard.

Second Step (Sign up for Representative Exam)
Once all assignments are complete you become eligible for practice test. Complete request form
to take practice (Rep) Exam. All content areas passing score is 80% for first attempt. If student
fails state exam subsequent attempts for the Rep Exam passing score is 85%. If student does
not pass Rep Exam, student repeats assignments 3 and 4 if applicable and submits intervention

Note: Principals (268) must obtain a minimum score of 85% on representative exam.
If student does not pass repeat assignment three with minimum passing score of 240.


Third Step (Passed Representative Exam now take State Exam)
Once Rep Exam passing scores are achieved student becomes eligible for state exam.
Complete state exam request form to register for state (TExES) exam. Once state exam is
passed continue with college coursework and take other applicable exams for certification upon
graduation. Note: If student fails state exam there is a 45 day wait until you can retake the state

Note: Committee Review may grant state exam approval based on overall student
progress. Committee decision is final. In accordance with student handbook policy.
To determine what assignments you need to do, review table below. Each x symbol
depicts assignment to be completed and submitted via blackboard.



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