Incidental Expenses

Reimbursable expenses (Receipts required)

  1. Hotel occupancy or similar taxes for which a state employee is entitled to be reimbursed.
  2. Business related telephone calls or Internet charges.
  3. Gasoline charged when rented or state-owned or leased motor vehicle are used.
  4. Toll charges if reimbursable under Textravel Section FPP G.005.
  5. Copying charges.
  6. Repair charges when a state-owned or motor vehicle is used.
  7. Freight charges for state equipment or materials.
  8. The cost of money orders.
  9. Foreign Travel: passport or visa charges, airport boarding passes, departure taxes, and inoculations.
  10. Postage.
  11. Mandatory charges or mandatory service charges: * by a commercial lodging establishment other than the room rate and additional persons charges; or * paid or imposed in connection with a meal; or * for loading and unloading state  equipment.
  12. Books or documents purchased for and while attending a seminar or conference.
  13. Facsimile charges.
  14. Parking fees.
  15. Service charges validly imposed by a travel agency or an Internet reservation booking service.
  16. Preparation of the remains and personal property of a deceased state employee.
  17. Notary fees.
  18. Charges to exchange US currency for foreign currency and vice versa.
  19. Mandatory checked baggage fees (1 each way)

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

  1. Any expenses that are not related to official state business.
  2. Any expense, with the exception of parking and toll expenses, that is related to the operation of a personally owned or leased motor vehicle.
  3. Tips or gratuities are reimbursed only if paying from a local account. Tips are not reimbursable if paying from a State Account.
  4. Excess baggage charges for personal belongings.
  5. Personal expenses, such as the rental or purchase of a video tape for personal entertainment, alcoholic beverages, dry cleaning, or laundry.
  6. Kennel expenses for a pet.
  7. Sales and use taxes if applicable law provides an exemption from those taxes and the state employee either fails to claim the exemption or does not follow the required procedures for claiming it.
  8. Optional insurance on rental cars.

4-Per Car Rule-Coordination of Travel

When two or more employees are traveling with the same itinerary on the same dates, they are required to coordinate their travel and ride together. Transportation expense can only be claimed for one car for every four people attending a conference. Should schedules, classes, etc. prevent employees from traveling together, a reason must be noted on the Concur expense report header.

Justification of Traveler (Required on University Employee Travel Request)
When more than one employee employed by the same state agency travel on the same dates with the same itinerary to conduct the same official state business, justification of travelers must be stated on the Concur expense report header. An Example of such justification is : Co-presenter of paper or Concurrent sessions are held which require two employees to attend in order to attend all sessions.

Prepaid expenses

Registration fees can be prepaid by submitting an “L” requisition with the registration form to Accounts Payable or by charging registration fees to the Procurement Card or Travel card.

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