Turnitin is an award-winning, web-based solution that prevents plagiarism, saves instructors time and engages students with rich, multi-faceted feedback on written work.

Turnitin Story from Turnitin on Vimeo.

A Tip for Students

  • Digital Receipts. Once you submit your paper successfully, a digital receipt with a PaperID will be displayed for students on screen and become available for download to the computer. Be sure to download this receipt. If a receipt is not generated, go back and submit to the assignment again until a receipt is created.

User Manuals

Click the following links to access tutorials for instructors or students.

Accessibility and Privacy Statements

Students should view the statements of accessibility and privacy policies on all course technologies. We recommend instructors to provide links to this software's accessibility and privacy statements in their syllabi. Locate the updated statement links for Turnitin on the following pages:

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