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What is Top Hat?

This web-based software helps educators take attendance, administer polls, games, and quizzes, and share lecture notes—all by connecting to students’ mobile devices or laptops (think clickers, except bring-your-own-device).

Why should I use Top Hat?

Top Hat helps to create a more interactive and engaging environment for students during lectures and facilitates better communication between students and the instructor during lectures. The software also integrates with PowerPoint presentations with embedded questions directly in your slides or through a presenter mode that “overlays,” your PowerPoint.

How does it work?

Top Hat can be used through any mobile device by texting, any smart device through their app or through a web browser. Students will have to log into Top Hat on their devices.

Why use Top Hat over traditional clickers?

With Top Hat, the student is already carrying their mobile device or laptop to class and uses the technology already built into their web-enabled devices to record their answers. Top Hat also allows for more types of questions to be asked, such as image-based, hot spot mapping, formula, and short answer questions within the classroom rather than just multiple choice questions. Answers can be tied to the Top Hat gradebook or can be collected anonymously.

Won’t students be distracted with their phones or attempt to cheat?

Top Hat has anti-cheating measures in place to ensure the integration of the classroom. If a student leaves the Top Hat browser or app, they will be lock-out of answering the question. Top Hat is only using the updated technology, that students already carry around with them daily, to allow for a faster, more convenient, quizzing experience.

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How much does Top Hat cost for students?

Due to a grant acquired by the university, Top Hat will be free for students in TAMIU courses from January through December 2023. For additional information, please contact the eLearning Team at elearning@tamiu.edu.

What if a student needs accommodations for Top Hat?

Students can reach out to our Disability Services office for support to access certain pages in their office. Instructional Technology and Distance Education Services can also support students in providing alternatives to activities within Blackboard (or as directed by the course instructor). Contact elearning@tamiu.edu for additional support.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in using Top Hat, please reach out to the Top Hat team dedicated to Texas A&M International University:

Office of Information Technology
Instructional Technology & Distance Education Services
Killam Library, Room 259
Phone: (956) 326-2792
Fax: (956) 326-2299
E-mail: elearning@tamiu.edu