Minimum Technology Requirements for Distance Learning

When participating in distance education courses, it is vital to consider the technology needed in order to have a successful course. We recommend that you meet the technical requirements below when using the learning management system (LMS) of the University.

Note: For additional required hardware or software requirements for your course(s), contact your instructor or refer to the course syllabus for additional information on their requirements.

Required Hardware

  • A computer (desktop/laptop) or mobile device (smartphone/tablet) that is less than 5 years old will work.
    • NOTE: Chromebooks are not recommended and may not be compatible with all third-party tools used in course shells.
  • Speakers/headphones/earbuds for listening to audio or videos presented in courses.

Optional Hardware

  • Webcam for interacting in course activities that require video feedback from students (such as VoiceThread), video test proctoring (such as Respondus Monitor), or other third-party tools.

Required Software

The following software is required :

  • Internet Browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, are preferred. It is also suggested to have both of these browsers, so that one can act as a backup in case the other is experiencing issues. (See Internet Browser section for more information.)
    • Mozilla Firefox (latest version) - Download
    • Google Chrome (latest version) - Download
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (latest version) can be used for viewing PDF files offline (outside of a web browser). - Download.

Optional Software

  • Windows Media Player is one media player that can be used to play videos offline (outside of a web browser), if not presented/embedded in Blackboard. - Download.

Internet Connection

  • A stable Internet connection of 56K or greater is required. (However, please note that a 56K connection may degrade the quality of your experience.)

Internet Browser(s)

Various browsers may be able to access the learning management system. We recommend the following tips:

  • Use the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. (Please note that eLearning (TAMIU's learning management system) may not be fully compatible with the latest versions of each browser.)
    • NOTE: Do not use Internet Explorer. This browser is obsolete and is no longer supported by Blackboard.
  • Be sure to properly configure your Internet browser. (Please note that Mozilla Firefox is the university-preferred browser. To download Firefox, please visit http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/.)
  • You may check if your browser is properly configured via the Browser Check provided below. This component will also be provided in the learning management system.
Click here to test your browser for Blackboard.