Student eLearning (Blackboard) Tutorial Videos

This page provides an overview of eLearning, the official learning management system (LMS) used at Texas A&M International University. eLearning is currently hosted by Blackboard.

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Blackboard Student Tutorials

Online Tutorials

Watch the general "Blackboard Student Navigation" workshop on YouTube:

Starting screen of Welcome to Blackboard Navigation YouTube Video

Download or Print the Getting Started with Blackboard quick guide.

Visit the "*eLearning (Blackboard) Student Orientation*" when you gain access to Blackboard as a student. This resource will remain available to you throughout your time at the University.

eLearning Student Orientation

Detailed training videos may be found below under "Blackboard Student Training Videos".

Face-to-Face Tutorials

Face-to-face Blackboard orientations are available the first two weeks of every semester. To check the Blackboard Student Orientation schedule, go to the OIT Professional Development website, log in with your student credentials, and self-register for a workshop. You can also schedule a one-on-one Blackboard orientation by contacting the OIT eLearning Team at (956) 326-2792 and asking for an eLearning Coordinator's assistance.

Logging into Blackboard

When you are enrolled in a course that utilizes Blackboard, you are in a virtual classroom. Your NetID (username) and password protect your data, like a key does for your locker. To log into Blackboard:

Option 1

  1. Log into Uconnect (http://uconnect.tamiu.edu/). Under My Apps, click the eLearning (Blackboard) logo located between My Records and Email.
    Arrow pointing to eLearning Blackboard icon in Uconnect.

Option 2

  1. In a web browser's address bar, type https://elearning.tamiu.edu/.
  2. Locate and click the the "Log In" button.
    Arrow pointing to the location of the
  3. On the next page, log in with your student credentials. (Your NetID (username) and password are the same as your University NetID and password.)

After you have successfully logged on, you will automatically be able to see links to all courses for which you are enrolled inside the Blackboard Learn system.

Blackboard Student Guides

The following guides are available for students on some commonly asked questions:

Blackboard Student Training Videos by Infobase Learning Cloud

Below are a list of selected student training videos from Hoonuit on the Blackboard Learn system. Click on a link and log in with your student NetID and password to view these videos.

Blackboard Portfolios Training Videos by Hoonuit

Below are a list of selected training videos from Hoonuit on Blackboard Portfolios. Click on a link and log in with your student NetID and password to view these videos.

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