Necessary Technical Knowledge and Skills for Distance Learning

When participating in distance education courses, it is vital to consider the technical skills needed in order to have a successful course. Students in distance education courses must have knowledge of basic computer and Internet skills listed below.

Note: Contact your professor or refer to your course syllabus for any additional technical knowledge or skills you may need in your course.

Required Basic Technical Knowledge and Skills

  • Getting online.
  • Using an Internet browser. (Recommended browsers: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Avoid: Internet Explorer, since this is no longer supported by Blackboard.)
  • Downloading, saving, opening, and printing material found online.
  • Conducting Internet searches.
  • Composing e-mail/course messages and attaching documents. (Blackboard Student Help Link: Course Messages)
  • Posting to a discussion forum. (Blackboard Student Help Link: Threads)
  • Submitting to a drop box or assignment. (Blackboard Student Help Link: Submit Assignments)
  • Writing and editing with a word processor, such as Notepad, MS Word, etc.
  • Take online examinations.
  • Learning new computer skills.

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