Student Services

The following icons are services provided to students.

eLearning (Blackboard) Tutorial Videos

Watch various tutorial videos on how to use the official Learning Management System of Texas A&M International, also known as eLearning (Blackboard).

Minimum Technology Requirements

Learn about the minimum, general technology requirements you need for taking an online course.

Necessary Technical Knowledge and Skills

Learn about the general technical knowledge and skills you need to possess for taking an online course.


Learn the general manner you should conduct yourself in an online course environment.

Online Readiness Survey

Unsure if you should take an online class? Fill out this survey for feedback on your strengths and/or weaknesses in attending online courses.

Technical Support Services

Learn about the support services provided by the Office of Information Technology.

Time Management and Study Skills

Learn the tips you need know on managing your time and improving your study habits.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Gather information on FERPA, Disability Services for Students, consequences and appeals of plagiarism, and how to file a grievance.

Title IX Icon

Title IX Training Video

Watch the Title IX Training Video for Students, created by students in the 11 universities of the Texas A&M University System.

University Resources

Learn about the academic, accessibility, technical and student support services available on campus.

Course Exchange Program (CEP)

For special cases only, find possible courses needed for your degree through the Texas A&M Course Exchange Program.


Meet the staff of Instructional Technology and Distance Education Services!

Office of Information Technology
Instructional Technology & Distance Education Services
Killam Library, Room 259
Phone: (956) 326-2792
Fax: (956) 326-2299
E-mail: elearning@tamiu.edu