Student Organization Spring 2022 Operations


* Engagement Level 1.5 (Green & YELLOW) *



Continuing for Spring 2022, all student organizations may hold meetings, educational activities, and events in a limited F2F environment in accordance with the SOLE Re-Opening Plan. This is a combination of Green and Yellow phases. Fundraisers may be held; however, there can be no food fundraisers. All attempts should be made to host the meetings, event, or activity in a virtual format. All events and fundraisers must be approved by SOLE. All travel is subject to approval by the university. This is done to ensure the safety of all TAMIU students. For more information, please visit the Office of Student Orientation, Leadership and Engagement.

Starting October 5, the following will be in place :


  • Engagement Level 1.5 (GREEN & YELLOW) - Face-to-face meetings- maximum 30 people in a room (based on room capacity); limited outdoor events- maximum 10 people; tabling. University-sponsored student organizations may have larger outdoor events based on the SOLE Re-Opening Plan.

  • All travel is subject to approval by the university.

  • Fundraising must all be approved by SOLE. There will be NO food fundraising until further notice.

  • Student organizations will be held responsible for their on- and off-campus activities. These rules and guidelines extend off-campus as well.

  • All meetings/events (virtual or in-person) will need to utilize the Event Attendance feature on the Trailblazers Platform.


Yellow Traffic Light





In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Texas A&M International University Office of Student Orientation, Leadership and Engagement will be implementing the following guidelines. We greatly value our students, SOLE staff and everyone associated with our Dustdevil family, and want to do everything in our power to provide them with a safe, yet effective environment. In doing so, we plan to make informed, fact-based decisions on meetings, events and all other Office of Student Orientation, Leadership and Engagement activities while remaining flexible and adjusting as situations merit. We will act responsibly and to the best of our abilities, while ensuring the health and safety of our Students and SOLE staff.

For Spring 2022, all student organizations may hold meetings, educational activities, and events in a limited F2F environment in accordance with the SOLE Re-Opening Plan. This decision may be rescinded at a later date. Given the ongoing, fluid nature of the pandemic, these policies and guidelines are subject to change at any time.


  1. TAMIU SOLE will utilize a color-coded Engagement level to make determinations related to events. The document COVID-19 Engagement Level Explanation explains these levels in depth. It is important that student organizations review this document.

        a. Green- Posted Capacity/Outdoor/No More than 50

         b. Yellow- Limited Face-to-Face Meetings/No In-Person Events/ Max 10

         c. Red- Virtual Only

  2. All student organizations should make a concerted effort to host all meetings and events virtually. This will allow for minimum exposure to the virus. Student organizations should record the meeting/event and allow their members/public to view this at their own leisure.

  3. Once approved to have events (Green), utilize outside space as much as possible.

         a. Student organizations should utilize their own tents when possible and explicit permission has been granted.

         b. Moving indoors will not be an option if it is “too cold” or if it is sprinkling/lightly misting. If space allows, you may be able to move indoors if it is severe weather (lightning strikes, tornados, hail or heavy downpour). For cold related movement, outside temperature must be below freezing.

  4. If you chose to host a virtual meeting/event, all meetings/events will need to be registered on Trailblazers, similar to all in-person meetings/events. SOLE will approve the events as we have traditionally done.

  5. All virtual and in-person events/meetings must utilize the Event Attendance feature on the Trailblazers platform. Attendance must be uploaded within 24 hours of the event. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in the denial of future events/meetings and the potential suspension of your student organization. This is to allow for contact tracing that will need to occur.

  6. Always stay home if you believe you have any COVID-19 like symptoms. Do not participate in student organization events if you feel sick.

  7. Follow CDC Guidelines:

          a. Maintain social distance.
          b. Face covering are recommended
          c. Wash hands frequently
          d. Disinfect surfaces frequently before and after use (desks, phones, chairs, etc.)

  8. Face coverings are recommended for all events/meetings (inside and outside).

  1. Once approved for in-person events, there will be no fundraisers that involve food/drink. All fundraisers will need to be approved by the Office of Student Orientation, Leadership and Engagement.

  2. Limit usage of paper handouts. Organizations are strongly recommended to utilize QR codes or other electronic forms of communication.

  3. Food to be distributed during in-person events/meetings must be purchased and must be distributed in individualized, pre-packaged containers. All university procedures and policies must be followed in these instances.

  4. Once approved, in-person events may be no larger than 50 people, both in and outdoors, depending on space and location.

         a. Recommended students RSVP & sign up for shifts to attend if larger attendance is expected (e.g. students sign up for a 1 hour shift and can only attend during that 1 hour. This will allow for 50 per hour and will have potential to reach more students).

         b. After each shift of attendees, organization must allow time for disinfecting the used materials/spaces.

         c. Organizations must disinfect materials.

  5. In-person meetings limited to 1 per week in STC 225 or STC 120, unless approval provided by SOLE on a limited basis. Meetings will be limited to no more than 2 hours.

         a. These meetings must follow social distancing requirements .

         b. Room capacity must be adhered to at all times

  6. Limit the usage/re-usage of materials by participants in events.

          a. If items are to be used/re-used, the item must be disinfected each time

  7. All travel is subject to approval by the university. Travel must fulfill a critical university mission/function.

  8. Student organizations should utilize Trailblazers for RSVPs.

  9. No cocktail tables can be utilized at any event.

  10. All of the event guidelines and policies extend off-campus for student organizations. This means that student organizations are NOT allowed to host any in-person event off- campus. Student organizations that violate this provision will violate the Leader student organization handbook policies and will therefore be subject to the procedures for adjudicating violations as detailed in the Leader student organization handbook.

Specialized Student Organization Guidelines & Event Parameters

*These events can only happen when the engagement color is GREEN*

  1. Large-scale, community-oriented events (such as Halloween Fest and Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony) will take place as has previously occurred. 

  2. Large-scale, TAMIU events (such as Welcome Week, Loteria, Pre-Exam Jam and Maroon Madness) will take place in a different format. Our goal is to provide a similar experience if possible. Students will need to sign up to attend these events.

         a. Whenever possible, the event should take place outside in an open space to provide for additional social distancing capabilities.

         b. The space will need to be enclosed to ensure proper adherence to attendance requirements.

              i. In accordance with Event Services protocols, enclosure will include barricades, caution tape, stanchions, etc. There will be one entry/exit point.

         c. Recommended students RSVP & sign up for shifts to attend if larger attendance is expected (e.g. students sign up for a 1-hour shift and can only attend during that 1 hour. This will allow for 50 per hour and will have potential to reach more students).

        d. After each shift of attendees, time must be created to allow for disinfecting the used materials/spaces.

         e. Student organizations must disinfect materials.

         f. Event layout must be approved by SOLE and Event Services.

         g. It is the responsibility of attendees to appropriately social distance. Signage must be posted to limit congregating of attendees.

  1. Students may have an informational table; however, there may be no more than 2 students per table.

  2. Students should maintain social distancing throughout the tabling event.

  3. Students should limit usage of paper handouts and utilizing alternative methods to get information to students.

         a. If handing out materials (paper, promotional items, etc.), participants must wear gloves.

         b. Student organizations must disinfect frequently utilized materials (e.g. pens, clipboards, etc.).

  4. Tables must remain 3 feet apart from each other in spaces where there will be multiple tables. This will ultimately reduce the amount of tabling opportunities.

  5. Given the reduction, student organizations will be limited to 5 tables per month. Each tabling session can be no longer than 3 hours.
  1. Retreats/conferences/ceremonies/banquets/initiations will be allowed to happen on campus in limited campus locations that will be determined by the capacity of the specific location and the organization needs.

  2. All retreats/conferences/ceremonies/banquets/initiations may incorporate:

    1. A table where no more than 4 attendees may sit at if in a ballroom/open room setting

    2. Appropriately distanced movable/fixed chairs if in a classroom setting (subject to capacity concerns)

    3. Open space (if available)

  3. All participants must undergo a BINAX rapid test if food is to be served.

  4. Meals must be plated and covered OR pre-packaged. There will be no buffets allowed.

  5. Retreats/conferences/ceremonies/banquets will be limited to no more than 50 attendees. If there are more attendees expected, it is important to have more than 1shift where attendance is limited.

  6. Non-TAMIU participants will not be allowed.
  1. Speaking events should be encouraged to be moved to a virtual environment. Those virtual environments should be recorded and provided to the public (if contract allows).

  2. If moving to a virtual environment is not possible, it is strongly recommended that the organization reconsiders whether a speaker is needed. It is recommended that if the organization determines that a speaker is necessary in person, the organization structures the event so that there can be multiple speeches OR record the speech and replay it either live on Facebook Live or have it available to download at a later date.

  3. Student organizations may reserve a space on campus for the speech/debate. All attendees will be required to maintain social distancing requirements and will be required to wear a face covering.

  4. Given IT need of events of this size, the speaker/debater may not need to wear their face coverings as they may not be heard even with a microphone; please plan accordingly with the SOLE office for risk management purposes.
  1. Once approved for events, the events will be allowed to take place given appropriate adherence to appropriate social distancing guidelines, but must have all appropriate approvals.

  2. Attendance will be limited to 50 attendees. Students must RSVP for the event. Non-TAMIU students/personnel are prohibited.

         a. Live-streaming event is strongly encouraged.

  3. Participants are strongly encouraged to maintain social distancing guidelines of 6 feet. This includes dancing/strolling/unveiling.

  4. All new member presentations/probates will happen outside. No indoor space is allowed, unless severe weather prohibits.
  1. It is strongly encouraged to hold performances and rehearsals in a virtual setting; however, we recognize that this may not always be possible, nor practical.

  2. Performances will be handled on a case by case basis with approval from SOLE.

  3. Social distancing guidelines should be adhered to whenever possible, including the following:

         a. Maintaining 6 feet distance
         b. Disinfecting usage of shared materials
         c. Proper health/hand hygiene
         d. Limit touching of face

  4. These types of events will follow protocols for specialized courses (performance courses).


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Fax: 956.326.2279
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