TAMIU Student Handbook 2023-2024

Page 1 of 93 Our Mission Texas A&M International University (TAMIU), a Member of The Texas A&M University Sd yi vset er sme , spt raet ep ,anr ea st i os tnuadl ,eannt sd fgolro bl eaal dseorcsi he it py . rToAl eMs Ii Un apnr oi vn icdreesa sai nl egal ryncionmg ep nl evxi ,r counlmt uernatl l by u i l t o n a solid academic foundation in the arts and sciences. The University offers a range of bBaucscinaleasusrAeadtme iannisdtrmataisotne.rI’snpardodgirtiaomns, tahned the Doctor of Philosophy degree in International University pursues a progressive agenda for global study and understanding across all disciplines. Through instruction, faculty and student research, and public service, TAMIU improves the qinutaelrintyatoifolnivael scofomrmciutinzietiness.of the border region, the State of Texas, and national and Our Institutional Vision TAMIU aspires to become a premier international university, serving as the agent of change froersetharecphe, oanpdlesoefrtvhiceer.egion, the nation, and the world through multicultural teaching, Our Institutional Values Respect – Respect for individual, their points of view and their diverse backgrounds. Integrity – Model ethical standards of personal and professional behavior. Service – Serve the University, regional, national, and international communities. Excellence – Strive for the highest quality in all endeavors.

Page 2 of 93 Alma Mater A Song for Texas A&M International University NS teaanrdtso oRui or nGor ba nl edAe ’lsmwa aMt eartse, rs, twa ti es dl yo tmo wr aeirsse adbf oo vr ea ltlhteo pglaaiinn., Binding nations, hearts and visions, aspirations ever new, H aHi al it lot To hTehee, eo, udreAa rl mT aA MM IaUt e! r ! H eMr ea ,y’ nTehayt hc hsiul dnrae nn d, sgaef en ti lne wb ri sede oz ems ,, fdl oo uv er i sa hn de vdeere ’rnleoadt gheTshayf esl ky yb. y , P l eMd ga ey wt i me ef ani teh’ earnedf fhaoc me tahgee me veemr ,ojroyi noef do ui nr o u r d i v e r s i t y , University! Binding nations, hearts and visions, aspirations ever new, H aHi al it lot To hTehee, eo, udreAa rl mT aA MM IaUt e! r ! Lyrics by Ray M. Keck, III, Ph.D., President TAMIU Fight Song G oG! oD! uDsut sdtedvei vl si !l sS, owuitthh Ts pe xi rai st fsrhoi mn i ni ng spi dr ied! e . Fight! Fight! Fight! GLoe! tD’ sugsot dDeuv si ltsd, ewv ei l'sl l, tahl we apyr si dset aonf dT Ab yMyI Uo u! . F i gTh!t. .!. AF!i.g. .hMt -! IF- Ui g!h t ! D G u To s . A . t . M d F e i I g v U h i ! l t s! ! Composed by Michael Bryan Parker (1965-2022)

Page 3 of 93 TABLE OF CONTENTS ARTICLE 1. PURPOSE OF THE STUDENT HANDBOOK 7 ARTICLE 2. STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES 7 Section 2.01 Preamble 7 Section 2.02 The Texas A&M University System Policies 8 Section 2.03 Student Rights (System Policy 13.02) 8 Section 2.04 Students’ Responsibilities (System Policy 13.02) 8 Section 2.05 Freedom of Access to Higher Education 9 Section 2.06 Freedom in the Class 9 ARTICLE 3. GENERAL UNIVERSITY INFORMATION 10 Section 3.01 Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 and Student Right-To-Know 10 Section 3.02 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 10 Section 3.03 Official University Notifications 10 Section 3.04 Emergency Notification 11 Section 3.05 Identification Cards 11 Section 3.06 Financial Obligations 11 Section 3.07 Attendance Policy 12 Section 3.08 Student Leave of Absence 12 Section 3.09 Faculty/Staff Contact Information 12 Section 3.10 Copyright 12 Section 3.11 Risk, Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Misconduct Hotline 12 Section 3.12 Solicitation 13 Section 3.13 Campus Parking and Non-Motorized Vehicles 14 Section 3.14 Pets 14 Section 3.15 Housing and Residence Life 15 Section 3.16 Recognized Student Organizations 15 Section 3.17 Hazing 15 Section 3.18 Expressive Activity on Campus (TAMIU Rule 08.99.99.L1) 17 Section 3.19 Student Report and Complaint Process 17 Section 3.20 Behavioral Assessment Intervention Team (BAIT) 17 Section 3.21 Administrative Response to Distress or Disruptive Behavior 18

Page 4 of 93 Section 3.22 Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act 18 Section 3.23 Civil Rights Protections and Compliance (System Policy 08.01) 18 Section 3.24 Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act 19 Section 3.25 Pregnancy and Parenting 19 Section 3.26 HIV/AIDS 20 Section 3.27 Bystander Provision 20 Section 3.28 Student Travel 21 Section 3.29 TAMIU Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures (SAP) 21 Section 3.30 Academic Catalog 21 ARTICLE 4. CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR & ACADEMIC DISPUTES 21 Section 4.01 Classroom Behavior 21 Section 4.02 Disputes over Academic Matters 22 Section 4.03 Grievances Against Faculty 24 ARTICLE 5. HONOR PLEDGE 26 ARTICLE 6. THE STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT AND STANDARDS 26 Section 6.01 Philosophy Statement 26 Section 6.02 Definitions 27 Section 6.03 Student Conduct Authority 30 Section 6.04 Jurisdiction of the Student Code of Conduct 30 Section 6.05 The Standards of Conduct 31 Section 6.06 Prohibited Behavior 31 ARTICLE 7. ACADEMIC CONDUCT 38 Section 7.01 Violations of Academic Conduct 39 ARTICLE 8. STUDENT CONDUCT DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES 41 Section 8.01 Right to File Grievance Against Students 41 Section 8.02 Process 41 Section 8.03 Standard of Proof: Preponderance of the Evidence 41 Section 8.04 Good Cause Provision 42 Section 8.05 Amnesty 42 Section 8.06 No Contact Orders (No Communication Order) 42 Section 8.07 Advisor Role During Student Conduct Proceedings 43 Section 8.08 Sex-Based Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures 44

Page 5 of 93 ARTICLE 9. STUDENT CONDUCT PROCEEDING 44 Section 9.01 Investigation Process 44 Section 9.02 Interim Actions 45 Section 9.03 Notice of Administrative Hearing 46 Section 9.04 Administrative Hearing 46 Section 9.05 Findings 47 Section 9.06 Notification of Outcomes 47 Section 9.07 Right to an Appeal (non-academic) 47 Section 9.08 Bases for an Appeal 48 Section 9.09 The Appeals Panel 48 Section 9.10 Appeal Request Review 48 Section 9.11 UDAP Appeal Decision 49 Section 9.12 Failure to Complete Sanctions 49 Section 9.13 Disciplinary Sanction Review Request 49 ARTICLE 10. ACADEMIC CONDUCT PROCEEDINGS 51 Section 10.01 Honor Council Mission Statement 51 Section 10.02 Essential Functions of the Honor Council 51 Section 10.03 Membership of the Honor Council 51 Section 10.04 Responsibility of Honor Council 52 Section 10.05 The Role of the Chair and Vice-Chair 53 Section 10.06 The Role of the SCCE Office 53 Section 10.07 Faculty, Administrators and Staff Reporting of Honor Code Violations 54 Section 10.08 Responsibilities of Faculty 54 Section 10.09 Responsibility of Academic Administrators and Staff 54 Section 10.10 Student Reporting Academic Violation 55 Section 10.11 Student Reporting Formats 55 Section 10.12 The SCCE Office Process 56 Section 10.13 Student Advisor 56 Section 10.14 Academic Violation Process 56 Section 10.15 Sanctions for Violations of the Honor Code 58 Section 10.16 Grade Sanctions 58 Section 10.17 General Sanctions 59 Section 10.18 Appeal to Honor Council of Academic Charge 60

Page 6 of 93 Section 10.19 Appeals of Faculty Findings 61 Section 10.20 Honor Council Findings 61 Section 10.21 Appeal to Provost of Honor Council Decisions 61 Section 10.22 Appeal of Sanctions other than Separation from the University 62 Section 10.23 Appeal of Separation from the University 62 ARTICLE 11. SANCTIONS 62 ARTICLE 12. NOTIFICATIONS AND DISCLAIMERS 65 Section 12.01 Disciplinary Hold 65 Section 12.02 Handbook Subject to Change 65 Section 12.03 Case Information and Confidentiality Procedures 65 Section 12.04 Record Retention 65 Section 12.05 Student Disciplinary Background Checks and Certifications 65 Section 12.06 Transcript Notation 66 Section 12.07 Parent Notification 66 Section 12.08 Standing with the University due to Disciplinary Reasons 66 ARTICLE 13. APPENDICES 68 Appendix A: Attendance Rule 68 Appendix B: Leave of Absence (LOA) Rule 70 Appendix C: Student Grievance Process 75 Appendix D: Amnesty 80 Appendix E: Civil Rights Procedures and Further Information 84 Appendix F: Administrative Response to Distress or Disruptive Behavior 86 Appendix G: TAMIU Rule 08.99.99.L1, Expressive Activity on Campus 88

Page 7 of 93 ARTICLE 1. PURPOSE OF THE STUDENT HANDBOOK To fA AMrItUs pa rnodv iSdcei es nucneds e (rCg Or aAdSu) a, tCeoal lnedg eg roafd Eu da tuec laet vi oe nl c (oCuOr Es eDw) , oCrokl li engteh eo ff oNuur rcsoi nl l ge gaens d( CHoel lael gt he Sciences (CONHS), and University College (UC) and two schools (A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business and Graduate School) of the University. In the tradition of American higher ep de ur scoant iaol ng, r To wA Mt hI Ua ntdr adnesvme li ot sp ma ne dn t corfe ai nt edsi v ikdnuoawl sl, e sdugpe p, oprrt os vtihdee ss pai nr i t oopf pfor reteu ni ni tqyu i froyr, at nh de contributes to the improvement of its surrounding society. The University recognizes its sl apregceira lc oomb lmi gua tni iotni e st oo fsTe revxea st,hteh ehUi gnhiet er deSdtuactaetsi,oann dn et he ed swoofr lSdo. u t h T e x a s , w h i l e s e r v i n g t h e It is the responsibility of the administration, faculty, staff, and students to be aware of and abide by all approved policies, procedures, rules, and regulations set forth by The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents that are posted on the System website or that are dTiesxsaesmAin&aMted through handbooks and manuals to all component campuses that make up The University System (TAMUS). The TAMIU Student Handbook, which contains a dpeosscteridpotinonthoef the rights and responsibilities of all students enrolled at this institution, is University website for quick reference and easy access to students, faculty, and staff. This Handbook does not constitute a contract, express or implied, between TAMIU and any ci nufrorremn ta toi or npirno st hpiesc Ht i va en dsbt uo od ke nwt .i tThAo Mu tI Up r iroers enrovtei cse t. hI te srhioguhltd tbo eanmoet endd ,t haadtda, lol rs t du edleent et s aanr ye rheasvpeobnesaibrilnegfoornkteheepirinegnraoblrlmeaesnt toaftaTnAyMchIUan. ges in regulations and/or procedures that may ARTICLE 2. STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Section 2.01 Preamble Ad ec va edleomp mi c einnts toi tfu tsitoundse netxsi,s ta nf odr tthhee gt reannesrma l i sws ieolnl - boefi nkgn oowf l seodcgiee,t yt .h eF rpeue r si nuqi tu oi rfy t rauntdh , f rt he ee ec ox pmrme sus ni oi tny ,a sr et uidnedni st sp esnhsoaubl lde bt oe tehnec oa ut traai ng emde tnot od fe vt he el os pe gc or iat li sc .a Al sj umd ge mm ebne tr sa no df t thoe eanc ga ad ge emiinc sustained and independent search for truth. Freedom to teach and freedom to learn are inseparable facets of academic freedom. The freedom to learn depends upon appropriate opportunities and conditions in the classroom,

Page 8 of 93 orenspthoensciabmiliptuy.s, and in the larger community. Students should exercise their freedom with The responsibility to secure and to respect general conditions conducive to the freedom to learn is shared by all members of the academic community. Section 2.02 The Texas A&M University System Policies sTeAt Mf oIrUt hi sb ay pTaArMt oUfST. hAtMt pU: /S/awnwd wi s . traemq ui ui r. ee dd ut/ocfooml l opwl i aanl cl eS/yTs tAeMmI Up oRlui cl ei essS Aa nPds . sphr ot mc el .d u r e s a s Students are expected at all times to recognize constituted authority, to conform to the op rr di vi antaer ya nrdu lpeus bol ifc gporoodp ecrot ny ,dauncdt , ttoo mbaek ter ut ht he fbuel ,s tt ou sree sopf et hc te itrhtei mr ieg ht ot ws aorf doat hneerds u, ct oa t pi orno.t e c t Section 2.03 Student Rights (System Policy 13.02) 1. As t us tduednet ns t thoa se xt ehrec ri si ge htthteoi rp arri gt ihc ti ps aot ef ifnr eae df roeme eoxfc hsapnegeec ho, f ei dx epar se.sTs iAoMn , I Up eetni tci oo unr, aagneds pi me apcoesfiunlg arsesaesmo nb al yb, l ea st i sme et , fpo lrat che ,i na nt dh emTaenxnaesr arne sdt rUi cntiitoends Sotna taecst iCvoi tni es st i ot uf tei ox np sr ews shi oi lne 2. aEnadch/osrtuddisesnetnht.as the right to participate in all areas and activities of the University, fnraetei of rnoaml oa rniyg ifno,r mr eol ifgdi oi snc, r isme xi n, adt ii soanb, ii lni tcyl u, daigneg, hgaerna ds semr ei nd te, notni t tyh, esbeaxsui as lo forrai ec ne ,t ca ot iloonr ,, glaewnse.tic information, or veteran status in accordance with applicable federal and state 3. Astustduednetnstahnads the right to personal privacy except as otherwise provided by law, and University authorities will observe this alike. 4. Each student subject to disciplinary action arising from violations of University Sc ot unddeunctt Ch eo adrei nogf sCwo ni l dl bu ec tdseht ea rl lmbien eads sounr eadp ar efpuonnddaemr ae nn ct ae l loyf tf ahier epvriodceenscse. As tlal ns dt uadr de n. t Section 2.04 Students’ Responsibilities (System Policy 13.02) 1. Ao tshteurdsetnutdheanst st h, tehreefsapcounl tsyi bainl idt yt thoe raedsmp ei cnti st threa rt iiog nh .t s a n d p r o p e r t y o f o t h e r s , i n c l u d i n g 2. A student has the responsibility to be fully acquainted with the published University 3. S Ain t u d st d iv u e i d n d e t u n C a t l o s h d i a e n s v o o t f h l C v e o e n r d e d a s u n p c d o t n a u s n p i d b o in t l o i t t c h y o e t m o e np r t l e y ir c w e o g i tnhi zt eh et hCaotd set ua nd de nl ot caacl t, isot na st e raenf lde cf et dueproa nl l at hwe. University community.

Page 9 of 93 Section 2.05 Freedom of Access to Higher Education Tt hAeMpI Ue r issocnoaml ma ni tdt epdr toof epsrsoi ov ni dailn gd eavneel odpumc aet ni ot n oa fl aenvde rwy o sr tkuednevni tr. o Tn AmMe nI Ut t hi sa tr iess cpoonnds ui bcliev ef ot or pthraotvvidailnugesananedqunaulrotuprpeosrctoumnimtyuennivtyir, ornesmpeenctt aanndd iascaceccssoiubniltiatyb.le for creating an atmosphere TAMIU is committed to serving the State’s students and citizens through education, lheaardaes rssmh ei pn tdoervreel ot apl mi a tei no tn, or ne stehaer bc ha s ai snodf rs ae cr ev ,i cc eo.l o rT, An Ma t Ii oUn da looe rs i gni on t, rde il si gc iroi mn , iangaet ,es eoxr , gpeenr dmei rt identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, disability, or veteran status. TAMIU will investigate all grievances of discrimination, and retaliation in accordance with applicable laws, Texas A&M University System Policies and Regulations, University Rules and Procedures, and this Code. Students are entitled to pursue an education free of improper interference. Any person who engages in improper interference or disruption is subject University disciplinary action and/or legal action. Section 2.06 Freedom in the Class Ta nhde pe rxopfreessssoi or ,ni.n Stthued ec nl ats spreorof omr ma na dn ci en cwoinl lf ebree necvea, l wu ai ltle edn sc oo luerl ya g oe nf r tehee dbi sacsui ss s oi of na, ci andqeumi r iyc, sntoatnodna rodpsi neinounms oe rr actoenddiunctthi en lme aartnt ei nr sg uonurtec loamt eeds taontdh oosbej escttai nv edsa rodf sa. c o u r s e o r p r o g r a m a n d Protection of Freedom of Expression: Students are free to take reasoned exception to the do pa ti na ioorn ,vbi euwt tsheexyparrees sreeds pi onnasni byl ec of ou rr sl ee aorfnsi nt ugdtyh ea nc od nttoe nwt i ot hf haonlyd cjouudrgsme eonr tpar bo og ur at mm iant twe rhsi cohf they are enrolled. Students have the right to be evaluated for their participation and work in the classroom in ao cncl ionred aonr c ienwpi rt hi ntthteopeaar cahm settue dr se ni nt dai ct at theed fi inr st th- ec lcaos us rms ee seyt il nl agb. uI sn. tAh se yel lvaebnuts twh ai l tl bt he ep rs ot uv di deendt bo ue ltilei nv ee ds tihna tt ht he e Ty AhMa vI eU nFoat cbuel teyn Hp ar onpdebrol yo ke. vAa lnu aot ne dl i ,nteh ev es rt us idoenn tc amna yb ei n fi toiua nt ed a bn ya pvpi sei at ilnags: http://www.tamiu.edu/senate/handbook.shtml. Protection Against Improper Disclosure: Information about student views, gender identity, sexual orientation, beliefs, and political associations, which professors acquire in the course

Page 10 of 93 oJ uf dt ghme i er nwt so rokf aasb ii nl i st yt r uacntdo r cs h, aa dr avci st eorr s m, aanyd bceo upnrsoevl iodres ds huonudl ed r n aopt pbreo pi mr ipa rt eo pcei rr lcyu md i ss tcal onsceeds ,. normally with the knowledge and consent of the student. ARTICLE 3. GENERAL UNIVERSITY INFORMATION Section 3.01 Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 and Student Right-To-Know Federal regulations require the University to release specific information to the student b( hotdt py ,: /v/i swi twt hwe. t Ha mE Oi uA. eDd ius/c Sl ot us udreen St Ci toenfsourmmeorrI ne fionrf mo ramt iaotni o. snh t m l ) . Section 3.02 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Tt oh pe rFoatme citl yt hEed ue dc autci ao tni oa lnRa li grhetcsoar nd ds oPfr isvt aucdye An tcst . (TFAEMR PI UA,) wi si tahfoeudte cr oa lnlsaewn tt hoaf tt hwea ss tpuudteinnt ,pml a ac ye ri ne fl oe ar ms ea tiino fno frrmo amt i ao ns t uddeesni gt ’ns arteecdo rads c aDni nr eoct tboer yr e lI enaf os er md wa tiitohno. u It np r mi o or swt r ictat es ensc, ocnosne fni dt eo nf tt hi ael student. Students who do not want information to be released, are responsible for notifying the Registrar in writing, or by completing the Request to Withholding information Form (PDF) during the first week of class to ensure that information is not released by the University. Students are responsible for requesting the release of their information once a request for withholding public information has been placed on record. To learn more please visit http://www.tamiu.edu/registrar/ferpa.shtml, or call 956.326.2250 for more information. You can also visit the University Registrar located in Senator Judith Zaffirini Success Center room 121. Section 3.03 Official University Notifications All official communications from the University to TAMIU students will be distributed teharcohu sgthu dt heen ts ttuod ae cntti’vs aTt eA Mt hIeUi r( @s t du ud setnyt. t ea mm ai ui l. eadcuc)o eumn ta ial nadc ccohuenctk. Itthiast tehme ar iel s pa cocnosui bnitl i toyn oaf raengnuolua nr cbeams iesn. t sF, adi leuardel itnoeks ,e eopr uopt hwe ri t hp eTrAt iMn eI Un t e imn faoi lr mi s ant oi ot na ns eenxtc ut os esftourd be ne itns .g Iunn aa dwdairt ei o onf, students are strongly encouraged to visit the University’s website to keep abreast of official University news and information, important calendar items and special student engagement opportunities.

Page 11 of 93 C95on6t.3a2ct6.2th3e10Ooffricveisiotf: hItntfpo:r/m/watwiown.tTamecihun.eodluog/yo,it/loincadteexd.shintmtlh. e Cowart Hall 105, or call Section 3.04 Emergency Notification TNAo tMi fIi Uc a tui ot inl i zSeyss t eamb. rPorai md asrpyetcot rtuhmi s eof ff o rptl ai st ftohremDs u as tnydA LdReTv i Ec ems e rags e npcayr tN oo ft i fiitcsa tEi omneSrygsetnecmy which sends messages by email, text, social media and the University website. It is snuopt ipf ilceamt ieonntse da n dwai tmh aas sc tpi vueb l iccraadwdl r ensostsi fyi sc taet mi o nosn, coanm- cpaums , pi funs e eddi geidt a. l s i g n a g e , c l a s s r o o m TAMIU will notify the campus community when it learns of a threat or situation that may pose an imminent danger to the community. All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to register annually for the DustyALRT Enemeedrgtoency Notification System at http://dustyalrt.tamiu.edu. Please note that you will renew your registration for DustyALRT on an annual basis and will be notified when your renewal is due. Section 3.05 Identification Cards Ta lhl oewTsAaMc cI Ue s sO nt oe Csaerrdv i ci se st,hteh eo fSf iucei a al ni dde Rn taidf icclai ftfieo nK icl al armd fLoirb rTaAr yM, IcUo ms tpuudteenr t sl a. bTsh, er eOc rneeaCtai or nd center, other academic resources and University athletic events. The OneCard has a declining bg oa ol adnsc oe rospetri ov ni c ec sa lol endc Da mu spt uy sDi on lcl laurds .i nDgu isnt yt hDeocl laamr sp aursebao cook ns tvoernei eanntd, cf oa sohdl es se sr vwi caey vt eonpuaeys . f o r You may obtain your OneCard at Card Services located at the Senator Judith Zaffirini Student Scaulclc9e5s6s.3C2en6t.2e8r,7r7o.om 131. For more information, please visit www.tamiu.edu/onecard or Section 3.06 Financial Obligations Students are expected to pay all financial obligations to the University when due. Failure to pc laays sseusc. hFoi nbal ingcai tai loonbs l mi g aa tyi or ne ss ui nl tc il nu dt rea, nb suct rai pr et , nf iont al li mg ri taedde ,t oa ,nrde truergni setdr ac thi oe cnkhs o, rl de tsuor rn ed dr ocphpe ec dk ce hq auri pg ems e, lnots, t boor odka ml oaagnesd, l iebmr aerryg ebnocoyk cl ohaanr gs ,e st, ul oi tsi os no f aonr dd afme easg, e i tnos ti na lsl tmr uecntti o lnoaalnms , a tpearri akli no gr vc oi ol lleact itoi onns , f ae ne sd /aor er ha no uasdi dn igt icohnaarlgcehsa. rDgeel iinnqcuuer rnet da cbcyotuhnet ss taurdeesnetn. t t o a c o l l e c t i o n a g e n c y , a n d

Page 12 of 93 Section 3.07 Attendance Policy Am ve imt abl epra kr te oe pf es vae cr yu rsrt eundte an tt t’ se ne dd au nc ac et i or en ci os rrde gounl aarl last tt ue nd de na nt sc. eAobf scel na sc se smme ea tyi nagf fse. cEtvtehrey qf aucaul il tt yy of a student’s work and grades. To learn more about the Attendance Rule and specific excused absences, read Appendix A. Section 3.08 Student Leave of Absence Tg rhaed uS taut ed eanf tte Lr eaanv ae bos fe nAcbes ef rnocme (TLAOMAI)Ur. uEllei g ai bs lsei sst tsu adne dn t es nacroeuerna cgoe us rsatguedde nt ot st at ko e raedt uv rann taang de othfethe benefits provided by a LOA, e.g., a returning student need not apply for readmission to University and may participate in their regularly scheduled registration/enrollment pT eorlieoadr nu pmoonrreeat ubronu. tPtlheea sSet undoetne tt hL ea at vr ee -oafdAmbi ss es inocne t(oL Oa Ac o) lrl eugl ee, pr er oa dg rAa pmpme nadyi xb eB .r e q u i r e d . Section 3.09 Faculty/Staff Contact Information Te mA Ma i Il Us aonf df e rosf f iacne ol oncl ai nt ieo nd .i rAe cpt roirnyt awb il teh dui rseecf tuol r iyn fwo irtmh aatlilo pn htohnaet np ur omvbi deer ss ipshaolns oe an vuami l ba eb rl es ,. Please visit http://www.tamiu.edu/directory for this information or call 956.326.2001. Section 3.10 Copyright Twhoer kCso apny dr i gd hi stt Ar i cbtuot ef 1c 9o 7p 6i e gs roafntthseci or pwyor ri gkh. Wt oowr kn se rt sh at ht er eecxeci lvues icvoep ryirgi hg th tt op rr eopt er cotdi ounc ei nt hc leui dr e po wu bnl ei srhoefdt hweocrok ps ysrui cghh ta ms aa yt ecxot nb sotoi tku. tCeocpoypi ny rgi ga ht te xi nt bf roi no gk ewmi et hnot .uCt ipv ei lr amnids sci roinmfirnoaml ptehnea l t i e s m$ 1a0y0b, 0e0a0s; scersisme idn faol rpceonpayl triiegsh itnicnl furdi negae mf i neen tu. pC itvoi l$ p2 e5n0a, 0l t0i e0s ai nn dc l iumd pe rdi saomnamg ee sn tu. pTtoo l e a r n more, please visit http://www.copyright.gov. and refer to TAMIU SAP 29.01.99.L1, Information Resources. Section 3.11 Risk, Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Misconduct Hotline Ee nv ve irryo nTmAeMn It U. I fs tyuodue nhta vseh af ar cetsu atlhien f or rems paot ni osni b si lui tgyg e os tf i v pe r oo fmuont isnagf e , afnr a uedt huilceanl t , awnads t es fauf el , aa fbfui lsi ai vt ee,, woer wi naanptpyr oo up rti aot er e pa cotritv iitti.e Es xianmv opllveisnogf ar enpyo rTtAa bMl eI Ui s seumeps lionycel ue ,d es:t u d e n t , o r o t h e r • Misuse of TAMIU Property, Information, Resources (i.e., taking University property home for personal use; driving a University vehicle to run personal errands; using a University credit card to buy personal items) • Violations of Safety Rules or Environmental Laws

Page 13 of 93 • Theft (i.e., stealing or borrowing money) • Conflicts of Interest • NCAA Violations • Inappropriate Conduct • Harassment • Discrimination Reports can be made using the Texas A&M University System risk, fraud, and misconduct hotline called EthicsPoint. EthicsPoint is a telephone and web-based reporting system that ivsiaintdheependently operated and available 24/7. Students can submit an anonymous report EthicsPoint link above (the link is also located at the bottom of all TAMIU webpages) by following the instructions under “Raise a Concern” or by calling toll free 1.888.501.3850. EthicsPoint reports are forwarded to the appropriate TAMIU official for action. If you have questions about EthicsPoint, please contact the Office of Compliance at 956.326.2855. Visit https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/media/en/gui/19681/index.html. The State Auditor's Office investigates allegations of illegal acts including: • Theft • Forgery • Tampering with a governmental record • Securing execution of document by deception • Misapplication of fiduciary property • Conversion of funds • Abuse of official capacity • Gift to a public servant by a person subject to his or her jurisdiction • Breach of computer security • Organized crime • Money laundering • Bribery Reports can be made to the Texas State Auditor’s Office by calling 1-800-892-8348 or submitting an online report at https://sao.fraud.texas.gov. Section 3.12 Solicitation PT eArMs oI Un sc ai nmt epruess, t we dh ei nt heenrgtahgei ns go liinc i st ao tl ii oc int ai tsi op ne rws ohni cahl , mp rai ny treeds uo lrt ei lne cat sr oa lnei co, rmduosnt af ti iros nt ,r oe cneti hv ee ps teurdmeinstssi o na n df r osmt u dt he en t Ogf friocue p os f mCuosmt maul snoi t yf oRl l oe lwa t i rounlse sa neds t aSbplei schi aeld Ebvye n tt hs ;e aDd idviitsi oi onna l loyf, IPnrsetsi itduet inotn af ol rA dI nvsatni tcuetmi oennatl. AUdpvoann sc ue bmme ni sts iwo ni l lo fr et hn ed ecro ma pdl ee tcei sdi of onr mo ns , tt hh ee Or ef fqi cuee sotf. t hIet Vi si c ea vt hi oi sl astei oc nt i of onr, satnuyd epne trss ownhtoo ds oo l ni coi tt oa rb isdeel l bt oy st ht uedoeunttlsi nwe di t hporuotc epsrsi oarr ea pspurboj ve ac tl , taos doius tcliipnlei ndabr yy

Page 14 of 93 ai sc pt i uo bn l itshhreodu gi nh tthhee Te As tMa bI Ul i sShteadn dc aorndd Au cdtmpionliiscti reas t ai vnedPprroocceedduurree(sS. ATPh)e2f1u. l9l 9s.o0l9i c. Li t1a.t0i o1n. p o l i c y For more information, contact Community Relations and Special Events at .956.326.2001 lhotctpat:/e/dwinwSwT.Cta2m7i1u.oerduvi/sciot:mpliance/documents/21.99.09.L1.01AccesstoUniversityPropert yforSalesandSolicitationPurposes.pdf. Section 3.13 Campus Parking and Non-Motorized Vehicles SastuwdeenlltsaasreSyesxtpeemcteadndto comply with all applicable parking, traffic, and transportation laws, University policies, rules, regulations, and procedures which are enforced 24 hours a day by the University Police. Parking permits are only required for designated reserved parking lots and spaces. Non-motorized vehicles and wheeled devices: Bicycles and wheeled devices are permitted ot inmceasm. Bpiuc sy;chl eoswme vues rt , brei dpear sr koef dt hi ensbe idc ye cvliec ersa mc kus sat vyai ei lladbtl he et hr irgohutg- ohfo-uwtacyatmo ppuesd. e s t r i a n s a t a l l No wheeled devices are permitted inside University buildings, residence halls and/or athletics courts/fields. This provision shall not be construed to exclude or limit the use of wheelchairs or other medically prescribed/necessitated accessibility devices on campus. Wheeled devices may not be used on railings, ramps, curbs, stairs/steps, benches or any such ftioxtures that may be damaged by these activities, and individuals may be liable for damage University property caused by these activities. Hover boards and similar motorized devices may not be charged anywhere on campus (indoors or outdoors). For more information on parking regulations, visit: http://www.tamiu.edu/adminis/police/trfrgs.shtml. Section 3.14 Pets Pets are not allowed in campus buildings at any time. The only exceptions are: 1. Sr eelravtiecde tAontihme adl si s ai nbdi liivt iydoufaal lny itnrda ii vnieddu at ol wdiot hwaodr iks aobri lpi teyr faonrdm, t a s k s t h a t a r e d i r e c t l y 2. Es umpoptoi or tn at hl aStu pa lpl eovr ita At ensi mo na el s o(rE SmAo) ,r ed ei df iennetdi f iaesd asny ma npitmo ma ls t ohra te pf freocvt si doefs ae mp eortsi oonna' sl ddiissaabbiilliittyiebs.ut does not have special training to perform tasks that assist people with

Page 15 of 93 • Ed iSsAasb ial irtei eps e or mn i tat e cda os en-lbyyi-nc arsees i dbeans itsi a. l Ff aocri l irtei eqsu feosrt sa pt op r ohvaevde sat nu d Ee nS At s wi ni t ha residential facility, please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Pets may be allowed on campus grounds (but never in campus buildings) provided they are laecat si vhiet ide so, ri n os tt rhuecr twi oi snea l uonr doet rh et rhwe i sc eo.nOt rwo ln eorf s tahree or ews np eo rn sai nb dl e af or re cnl eoat n di ni sgruupp tai fvt ee rt toh ec iarmp pe tuss, and failure to do so may result in a citation. Unattended pets will be removed from University property and will be turned over to City of Laredo animal control authorities. All Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals, and pets are required to have updated vaccinations as mandated by local and state law. Section 3.15 Housing and Residence Life He xopuesci tnegd at no dc oRme spildyewn ci teh LailfleTpArMo vI Ui dreusl eas vaanrdi ept yr oocfe do un r- ceas m, i npcul su dl iivnign gt hoops tei oa nd so. p tSetdu dt oe ne tnss ua rr ee the health and welfare of those who reside in, work in, or visit TAMIU housing. For more information about Housing and Residence Life rules and community standards, visit: http://www.americancampusresidents.com/residentiallearningcommunity. Section 3.16 Recognized Student Organizations RmeecmogbneirzseadndSttuhdeent Organizations are formed to further the common interest of their University community. Organizations are open to all students to serve an eOsrsgeanntiizaal t i oc onms pa no dn etnhte i rt oa dtvhi seo rcsoa- cr ue rrrei csuploanr s i pb lreo gf or ar mc os maptl i aTnAc eM wI Ui .t h RtehceoSgtnui dz eedn t SCtouddee no tf Cstounddeunctt,oSrgtaatneizaantdionfesdaerrealalvaawilsa.blMeoinre information and guidelines concerning recognized The Leader, a guidebook published by the Office of Student Orientation, Leadership and Engagement (SOLE) or visit: http://www.tamiu.edu/sole/. Section 3.17 Hazing HI t aizs i na gviiso laa ct iroi mn eo futnhdee rC oTdeex a(sa nL da wo.f I st tias t ae l sl aowp)r ot oh i ebni tgeadgue ni dn ehr atzhien gS,t uodr etnot oCtohdeer wo fi sCeosnodl ui cci tt ., er encckolue rs as gl ye ,pdeirrme ci tt , ha ai dz ionrg abt yt eamnpott ht oe ra it do aonc oc ut hr .e rAi ns teundgeangti nwghion rheaczei invge. sI tf iirss at hl saon ad vki no ol awt iloend gt oe oi nf ct ihdee np tl ahnansi nogc couf rar se pd e, chi af isc ahna zai fnf igr mi n ac it di veen tr eosrphoanss fi ibr isl ti thya nt od rkenpoowr tl et dh ge ei nt hc ai dt eanstpienc iwf i rc i ht i anzgi nt og dtheean of students or another appropriate official of TAMIU. Notification will be provided to University community as required by law.

Page 16 of 93 Both failing to report hazing and hazing that does not result in serious bodily injury are Class BH amz iins gd er me seual tni on rgs i. nHaa zdienagt ht hi sa ta rset sa ut el t jsa ii lnf esleorni oy u. As nb oo dr gi layn ii znaj ut iroyn ifso ua nCdl agsusi l At y mo fi shdaezmi negamn oary. ba me foi nu ne dt d$o5u, 0b0l e0s ttoh $e 1l o0 s, 0s 0o0r oe rx,pfeonr si ensc iidnec nu trsr ecda ubsei cnagups ee rosfotnhael hi najzuirnyg oi nr cpi rdoepnet .r t y d a m a g e , a n It is not a defense to prosecution that the person hazed consented to the hazing activity. A person reporting a specific hazing incident to the University is immune from civil and ccroinmdiuncatlclhiaabriglietsy. unless the report is made in bad faith. This includes immunity to student State law does not limit or affect an education institution’s right to enforce its own penalties against hazing. The Education Code (Texas Education Code, Chapter 37) defines hazing as “any intentional, kp ne roswo inn go,r oarcrt ei ncgk lwe si st ha cott ho ec rc su, rdr ii nr egcot endoar goafifntshteac as tmu pd eu ns toffoarnt he de upcuart pi oonsael oi nf spt li et udtgi ionng b, by eoi nn ge ionrigt ai antiezda t iionnt .o” , T ha fef isl itaattiuntge cwo ni ttha,i nhs oal dl iisnt go f ocfof ni cdeu citn, ,wohri c hmcaoinnsttaiitnuitnegs hma zeimn gb. e r s h i p i n a n Examples of hazing include, but are not limited to: a. Ae lne yc t tryopnei c o sf hpohcyksi incga l sbhrouut ladl i ttyh issu cbhe aesl ewc thriipc psi nh go ,c kb ienagt ,i npgl, ascti rni gk i no gf , ab rhaanrdmi nf ug l, b. s I s n u p v b a o c s e l t v a , e n c s c a e s li ls o e t n e h p e t h n d e i e c b p s o , r i d o v y r a , t o o io t r h n s e , i r m e x si p l i a m o r s i u ala c r r t e i v a t c i o t t i i t e v h s i e ; t ye ltehma te ns ut sb, jceoc nt sf i nt heemsetnutdiennat st om aa nl l uhenareltahsoornasabfleetyrioskf tohfehstaurdmenotr; that adversely affects the mental or physical c. Isnuvbos ltvaensc ec ownhsiucmh ps ut ibo jne cot sf tf ho oe di ,n dl i iqvui di du, a al ltcoo hr ioslki c o bf ehvaer rma g, eo sr , wd hr ui cghs , a od rv eortsheel yr d. a A b f e n f v e y e c a t r s c a tg t i h v e e it o y m r t e h l n i a q t t u a i l o n o r v r o i p l n v h e ay s n s c i c o a a e m l r h c o i e u n a n g l t t t h h t h e o a r s t t s ua w d fe o e t u n y l t d o t of l t e c h a o e d n p s a ue r m r s e o e a n a s ; o d nr ua bg ;l ea np ae lrcsoohno lti oc e. b A w e n h l y i i e c a h v c e i t n i t v h v i o a t t y lv t e t h h s e a a s t t v i u i n o d d l e a u n t c i t e o i s n s o i o n r f t t o r h e x e q ic u Pa i e t r e n e d a s. l t Choedset.udent to perform a duty or task, If you have knowledge of the planning or occurrence of a specific hazing incident, you must report it. Students who learn of hazing should report it via the TAMIU ReportIt form available at www.tamiu.edu/reportit or:

Page 17 of 93 ● University Police Department, University Police Department Building, 956. 326.2100 or for emergencies contact 956.326.2911 ● Vice President for Student Engagement, Student Center 226, 956.326.2953 ● Student Conduct and Community Engagement, Student Center 226, 956.326.2265 ● S3t2u6d.2e2n8t 0O.rientation, Leadership and Engagement (SOLE), Student Center 224, 956. Section 3.18 Expressive Activity on Campus (TAMIU Rule 08.99.99.L1) The University respects the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, expression, preesttitriioctni,onasndonpaecatciveiftuiel saosfseemxpbrleyssaionnd amnda/yorimdpisosseentr. easonable time, place, and manner For more information, please refer to TAMIU Rule 08.99.99.L1, Expressive Activity on Campus online or in this handbook (see Appendix G). Section 3.19 Student Report and Complaint Process Cp roongsri satme ns t awn di t hs eoruvri c ems i si sni oonr, dTe Ar Mt oI Umwa ke el c ocmh aens g feese dt hb aa tc kc oanbtor ui bt u ot eu rt or uslteusd, epnrto cseudcuc er es ss ,, da cecveesl so pt om ae pn pt , r ao np dr i agtoearl ual tetsa iannmd epnrto. c eTdAuMr eI Us fiosr caormt i cmuiltattei dn gt oc oenncseurrni sn, ga st hwa te lsl tausd ea np tpse ahlai nv ge University decisions. TAMIU students must comply with the rules and procedures that have been established wa ist thui nd et hn et udni si tc ua bs so ut th we hmi caht tt ehre cwoint hc e tr hn ei s sbt ea if nf , g f fai cl eudl t. yG, eonre rdael lpya, rt thme epnr ot ciend uwrhe isc rhe qt hu ei r ei st shuaet originated. To learn more about the Student Complaint Process, read Appendix C. Section 3.20 Behavioral Assessment Intervention Team (BAIT) Ti nhf oe r pmuartpi oons e a no df trhees pBoenhda vt oi o rs at ul dAesns tess swmheon tmaany d b Ien ti ne r dv ei snt trieosns To re awmh o( Bs eA IcTo)n di su ct to mr eavyi ebwe dofistrhueptive or harmful to the safety, health and well-being of the TAMIU community. Members University community may report concerns to www.tamiu.edu/reportit.

Page 18 of 93 Section 3.21 Administrative Response to Distress or Disruptive Behavior The University may assess, refer, or recommend treatment to students, as deemed appropriate. Students assessed with disruptive behavior may be withdrawn from the University. To learn more about the Administrative Response to Distress or Disruptive Behavior, read Appendix F. Section 3.22 Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act The Clery Act requires the public reporting of the following information: • Campus security policies and procedures • Security services available • Campus crime statistics • Reporting Campus Crime – How, Where and to Whom • Crime prevention • Alcohol and drug use policies, and • Fire safety among other valuable information. Tt oh ae l lAcnunrur ae ln St eacnudr ipt yr o&s pFei cr et i vRee pT oArMt I( UA SsFt uS dR e) ni st sa, vf aa ci lualbt yl e aonnd os rt abf ef . f oNr oe t Oi f ci ct ao tbi oe rn 1o fo af veaaicl ah byi lei at yr of the document is sent via University email and provides information on how to obtain a copy of the Crime Awareness and Campus Safety Report/ASFSR. TlohceatAeSdFSR is available in hardcopy from the Department of Campus Safety and Planning , in the University Police Department building, online at: h9t5t6p.:3/2/6w.3w3w1.0ta. miu.edu/clery.pdf, by mail/email: clerycompliance@tamiu.edu or calling Section 3.23 Civil Rights Protections and Compliance (System Policy 08.01) Tr aAcMe , IcUo ldoor e, ss enxo, tr edl ii sgci or inm, ni naat ti oe noarl po er irgmi ni t, ahgaer,ads issma be inl itt ya ,ggaei nnsett iacni yn fionrdmi vai tdi uo anl, vo ent et hr ae nb satsai tsuosf, sS et ux du ea nl ot sr iwe nhtoa tei xo pn eorri egnecned oe rr iodbesnetri vt ye ianl laedgme di sos ri osnuss, peedcut ceadt idoins ca rl ipmr oi ngar tai mo ns , sohroeuml dprl oe py mo ret nt to. the TAMIU Director of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance, Lorissa M. Cortez, 5201 University Boulevard, KLM 159B, Laredo, TX 78041, TitleIX@tamiu.edu, 956.326.2857, via the anonymous electronic reporting website, Report It, at www.tamiu.edu/reportit, and/or tShueitOe f1fi6c2e0o, fDCailvlails,RTigXh7ts52(D01al-l6a8s 1O0f,fi2c1e4),.6U6.S1..9D6e0p0a.rtment of Education, 1999 Bryan Street,

Page 19 of 93 Under Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, sex discrimination includes ud no mw ee lsctoi cmvei ocl eonncdeu, cdt a ot inn gt hvei o lbeansci es ; odfe fsi ne xi t i oi nncsl uf do irn tgh esseex ut ea rl mhsa rcaasns mb ee nf to, usnedx ui na l f oaus ns adu il nt , System Regulation 08.01.01, Civil Rights Compliance at https://policies.tamus.edu/08-01- 0l i m1 . pi tde fd. Tt oA Ms eI Ux uaalls oa spsraouhlitb, i st se xaul laflo remx psl oo ift saet ixo-nb ,a sdeadt imn gi s cvoi onldeunccte ,wdhoi cmh ei sntci lcu dvei os l, ebnuctei, s annodt sbtealking based on sex. Further information concerning TAMIU Civil Rights procedures can found in Appendix E of this handbook and at http://www.tamiu.edu/compliance/Title%20IX.shtml. Section 3.24 Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act Tc ohnevCi catme dp, urse gS iesxt eCrrei dmseesxPor fef ve enndtei rosn eAncrtoilsl ead f ae sd es rt ua dl leanwt st ah ta ti npsrtoi tvui tdi oe sn sf oorf thhieg ht rearcekdi nugc aotfi o n oe ar cwh oi nr ks itni tgu ot iro nv ool fu hn itgehe er irnegdounc actai mo np iuns .t hTehSet aAtcet irne qwuhi ircehs tsheex poef fresnodneirss etmo pp lrooyvei dd e, cnaor rt ii cees t o or eugt i as tvr oa tciaotni oinn,f oo rr mi saat i sotnu di sepnrt o. mT hpet l Ay cmt aa dl seo arveaqiul ai rbel es tt oh al at wS t ae tnef oprrcoecme deunrt easgeennscui erse wt hi ti sh jauprpi srdo ipcrt ii aotne wS thaet reer tehceo ri nd ss toi trudt iaotna os yf shtiegmh esr. eSdtuact ea tpi or no cies dl oucr ae tseadr ea nodu telni nt ee rdeidn iAn rt ot i c l e 6 2 . 0 5 1 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. In compliance with State and federal law, information about registered sex offenders may be oh bt ttpasi n: /e/dp utbhl ircosui tgeh. d ptsh.et e xTa es .xgaosv /DS eexpOa frftemnednetr Roe gf i sPt ruyb/l Si ce a Sr cahf e. t y S e x O f f e n d e r D a t a b a s e : Section 3.25 Pregnancy and Parenting Uh anrdaesrs mT iet nl et IbXe coaf utshee oEf dp ur ec ag tni ao nn c Ay mo re rnedl amt ee dn tcso onfd 1i t9i o7n2s, , hi sa rpar soshmi bei nt et db. aAs ep dr eognn asne tx/, pi na cr el undt ii nn gg smt ue dd iecnatl lmy unset cbees sgarrayn. t eI td ias naa bv isoelna ct ieofno roaf sTl oi tnl eg IaXs tthoe asst ku df eonr t d’ sopchuyms iecni at ant di oene mr esl at ht iev ea btsoe nt hc ee pc or en gdni tai on nt /sp. Sa rt ue dn et inntgs ws t hu od eenxtp’ se rsi et antcues obr eoybosnedr vwe ha al l te gwe od uol rd sbues preecqt eu di r eddi s cf roirmoi nt ha et iro nmdeudei ctaol tMh.eiCroprrteezg,n5a2n0t/1parenting status, should report to the TAMIU Title IX Coordinator (Lorissa University Boulevard, KLM 159B, Laredo, TX 78041, TitleIX@tamiu.edu, 91 59 69 .93 2B6r y. 2a8n5 S7t)r ae ne td, /Souri tteh e1 6O2f f0i c, eD oa fl l Ca si v, iTl XR i7g5h 2t s0 (1D- 6a 8l l 1a s0 ,O2f 1f i 4c e. 6, 6U1. S. 9. D6 0e p0 )a.r Yt mo ue nc ta on f aEl sdou cr ae tpi oo nr t, it on TAMIU’s anonymous electronic reporting site, Report It, at www.tamiu.edu/reportit.

Page 20 of 93 Ta wA Ma rIeUt ha ad tv ai scecso ma pmr oe dg na tai no tn/spfaorre snut icnhgws it lul db ee nnt etcoe snsoat ri fyy. Itthies i rr epcroomf ems seonrdoe nd cteh at ht et hset us dt ue dn et ni st ao nr da spsriog fnems seonrt ds .e Tv ehleo pO faf irceea soof nCaobml eppl ilaanncfeo r( Lt ho er i ss tsuadMe n. tC’ so rc toemz ,pl loert ii sosna omf . mc oi rstseezd@c toaumr si ue w. e do ruk) co at hn ear s qs iuset stthi oe nsst uodr ecnotnac ne dr nps rroef ge as sr od ri nign Twi tol re kIiXn gc oomu tp tl ihaen cr ee arseol na taebdl et oa cpcroemg nmaondt /a pt iaornesn. tFi no gr sa tbusdeennc tes ,f oc ro na t as uc tb st ht aenTt iiat ll epIeXr iCoodoor df itni ma teo, rT. AI nMtIhUe uervgeenst tthhea ts tausdteundte tnot cwoinl ls ni deeerd aa Ll ee aa vv ee oo ff Absence (LOA) as outlined in the TAMIU Student Handbook. As part of our efforts to assist ai nncdl u de ni ncgo uprraeggen aanl lt / sptaurdeennt it ns g t os twu adrednst s g, ri na daucac toi rodna, nTc Ae MwIiUt h pt hr oe v Ai dt et es n dL Oa nAcse fRour l es taundde nt ht se, Student LOA Rule. Both rules can be found in the TAMIU Student Handbook. Section 3.26 HIV/AIDS Tt oA dMeItUe rwmi li ln ne oht ouws es ae rpvei cr es os na’ rs eHdI Ve l isvt ea rt ue ds , t oe xmc eapkte aesmapl ll oo wy me de nbtyo sr t aa dt emoi sr s fi oe dn edr ea cl i lsai wo n. s Tnho er University will not ask students if they are HIV positive. HIV positive students are allowed to aptatretni cdi pcal at es sa wn di t hpoeur tf orrems t rai sc st iiog nn eads wl oonrgk aasntdh er esat us odneanbt l yi s ppohsyessi c na lol y haenadl t hm reins tka ltl oy aobt hl ee rtso. EStduudceantitoCneanltperam12p5hloertscaalrle95a6v.a3i2la6b.2le2, 3u6p.on request, at Student Health Services located in Section 3.27 Bystander Provision Ti sAaMmI Uo ve ne mc oeunrta, gae sp ar on gdr tarma i, nasnsdt uadne na tcst itoonr. eTs hp eo nadi mt o oof t Gh er er se ni n Da omt oi smt eonpt roef vneenet da. nGdr ereend Du coet ps poewaekr u- bpa, saendd vi ni ot el er nr uc ep t apt oTt eAnMt iIaUl abcyt s eonf gvai go il ne ng cset. uTdheen Gt sr eaesn aDc ot itv me obvyes mt a enndte irss awb ohuo t sgtaei pn i ni ng, aancdrivtiicsaibl lmy arsesdoufcestpuodwenetrs-,bsatsaeffdapnedrsfaocnualltvyiwolheoncaer.e willing to do their small part of actively The best way to get involved with Green Dot and maximize your impact as an active by oy us t awnidl lelre ai sr nt ot haet tseknidl l sGor ef ebne iDn og taBnyasct at invde ebryTs traani ndienrg, . eTxhaemtirnaei nyionugr i so wf rne eb. a Ar rti et hr si st ot r taai nk ii nn gg av ci ot il oe nn c, ea.n d Vuilstiitm: a thetl typg: /a/i nw wt hwe .at abmi l iituy. etdo ui/nct oe rmvpe nl i ae necaer/l yT iot lne IiXn/sgirt eueant idoonts. sthhtamt lc o uf ol dr l ema do rt oe information.

Page 21 of 93 Section 3.28 Student Travel St rtauvdeelni nt gt ri anvt ee rl nt ha at itoinnacllluydoers dboomt he ss tt ui cd, emnut sotrsguabnmi z iatt pi oanp(esr)wa on rdknvoi na -tsht eu dTerna ti l ob rl agzaenrisz a t i o n ( s ) ws uebbmp iatgt ee d: hpt rt iposr: /t /o t tarma vi ue .lptraeksi enng cpe l. ai oc/ef of or rmasp. pPrroovpaelr. Pd loecaus me ve insti at ttihoen TwAi Ml l bI Ue Rr euql eu i1r 3e d. 0 t4o. 9b9e. L 1 to learn more about student travel. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Orientation, Leadership and E9 5n 6g a. 3g2e6m. 2e1n9t 4a,t o9r5t6h. e3 2O6f f. 2i c2e8o0f, Itnhtee Or nf fai tcieo no af lEEnnv gi raognemmeennttaal tH9e5a6l t. 3h 2a6n. d2 2S8a 2f e. t y a t Section 3.29 TAMIU Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures (SAP) A ta l b l T c A a M lle IU d rules and SAPs are accessible from the Office of Compliance webpage under the TAMIU Rules & SAP’s. For more information, please contact the Office of Compliance at 956.326.2855. Section 3.30 Academic Catalog Ti mh pe l iperdo, v bi sei ot wn se eonf tahney TaApMp lIiUc a An tc,a ds et umdiecn Ct , a tf aa lcougl t yd ,o onro ts tcaof fn smt i teumt eb ear coofn ttrhaec t ,T ee xx pa rs e sAs&oMr International University or Texas A&M University System. This catalog is for informational purposes only. The University reserves the right to change or alter any statement herein wt hiet ihro eudt upcrai ot iro nn out inc de .e Tr ht ihseCCa taat laol og gs ht oo ucl do nnt oi nt ubee tihnet e pr pr or egtreadmt ou na ldl oe wr tah es t up dr oe vnits itohna st bi ne gti hn es Catalog. For or more information, please visit https://www.tamiu.edu/catalog/. ARTICLE 4. CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR & ACADEMIC DISPUTES Behavior that interferes with the conduct of the class may result in disciplinary action. Section 4.01 Classroom Behavior Ww ahrerna nat esdt ,utdheenf ta’ sc ubl teyhma vei mo rb ei nr ha a cs l tahses ai us t dh iosrriut yp tt iov he atvoe at hde esgt ruedee nt ht ar et mi mo vmeeddfiraot me at hc tei oc nl a si ss on an interim basis. Faculty should contact University police should they anticipate physical di neffoi ar mn cael . hAesatrui dn eg nbt ewf ohroe ht ahse bheeeand r oe fmtohvee dd ef pr oa mr t ma ecnl at s os f of enr ianng i nt ht ee r ci mo ubr as es i. sTi hs ee ndtei tpl ae rdt mt oeannt hea1d.may either: Aanpdprroevinesatanteagtrheeesmtuednetnotfteoxtpheectcalatisosn, sorbetween the student and the faculty member 2. ES txut de ne nd t t hC eo nrde mu cot vaanl do fCtohme ms tuundiet ny tEfnr og ma g et hmee cnlta s( sS CaCnEd) rfeofre rr et hv iee wc a saen dt o rtehseo lOuftfiiocne . oAf

Page 22 of 93 cf aocpuyl t oy f’ sa al lc ma daetme ri ica lDseeannt (t oo r t ht hee Oi r f fdi ce es i og fn eS et u) daenndt tCoo tnhdeu sc tt usdheonut l’ ds abcea pd re omviicd eDde at on t( ho er their designee). When a student’s conduct requires immediate removal from the class, the following steps are A re . quired: Tbehheafvaicourltoycmcuermrebder responsible for the class or activity where the alleged disruptive will inform the student that the behavior is inappropriate. The fbaechual tvyi omr . eTmhbee sr t wu di lel ndte swcirl il bbeet op rt oh ve i sdteudd ea nn t ospppe oc irfti uc nc iht ya ntgoe ms noedei fdye dt hieni rt hbee shtauvdi oe rn ti’ns awcict oh r ad awn rc iet twe ni t, hdtahtee dc hsaunmg ems ai rdye notfi fti he ed . dTi hs ceuf sasciuolnt ywmi tehmtbheer swt ui ldl epnr to, vai dn ed tthhee s ftaucduel nt yt B. m I c f o e n a m f s e b t r u e dr w e w nit i t h l l b r e e th l t i a e e i vn e f a a s c c t u o h l p t e y y f a o m c f u t e h l m t i y s b ’ s se u r e m ’ x s p m e d a c e r t p a y t a . i rotnms eanrte hu enar de a saobnoaubtl e ,t ht hi se smt ua dt teenr .t mT ha ye dt heep asrttumdeenntt hme aady mwaoyr ckh owoi st he t toh seu pf apcourltt yt h me ge umi db ee lri nteos ddeevveellooppe da bmy ot hd ei f ifeadc usl teyt , oorf et hxep edcetpaat irot mn se. nI ft thheearde wa riel l cphraonvgi de es iandtahtee fda ac un ldt ys img neemdbceorp’ sy ot roi gbiontahl tsheet os tf uedxepnetc taantdi otnhse, C. i S f n a h c s o u t u r l u t l y d c to c m l r a . e sms rboeorm’ s cdoenpdaur ct mt ei snstu ehse ac do n toi fn uteh, e t hsei t uf aa ct iuol nt y amn edmwb ei lrl ws hi lal r ae p pwriitshe tt hh ee dd ee pp aa rr tt mm ee nn tt hh ee aa dd ma awy r ii tntiet ni a tseu ma nmaadr yd i toi of ndai ls cduisssciuosnssi o hn e wl d i twh i tt hh e t hf aec us lttuyd emnet .mTbheer at hnadt/ tohret hper osbt ul edme nht .a Isf nt hoet db ee pe na rrt ems eonl vt ehde, atdh ec osni tcuuartsi own i tmh atyh eb ef a rc euflet yr rme de mt ob tehr e’ s SvCi eCwE Ot hfef i cwe .rAi t tme ne ms uo mr amn daur ym obfr itehfel y fdaec sucl tryi b’ si ndgi st hc ue ssstiuodne nwti’ tshb et hhea vsi tourd, ae sn twaenl lda sa an yc ooptyh eorf rmeal at et erdi a lms ea nt et rtioa lt, hsehSoCuCl dE bOef f ifcoer ws haorudleddb teoptrhoev iSdCe Cd Et oOt fhf iec fea cf ourl t yr emv ieemwb. eAr ’ sc oapc ay doefmailcl Dean (or their designee) and to the student’s academic Dean (or their designee). Section 4.02 Disputes over Academic Matters Fa pa cpur ol tpy r i amt ee mmbeetrhso dasr eo f reevs aplounast ii bn lge s tf uo rd e nd te tleeramr ni ni ni ng g, f ocro uervsael u ac tui rnrgi c fualiar,l y f, ofro r duepv he lool pd ii nn gg amcaaddee mb iyc sf at ac un ldt ay r dmse, ma nbde rf os r reengfaorrdciinngg pt hr eo c qe ud au lri et ys coorn icnetrengi rnigt ya coaf dsetmu di ce nh ot nwe os tryk. , Di neccl ius di oi nn gs ds ue cc ci seisosnf us l a gbroaudtec oa pu pr seea lg) r. a dI ne sc, aasrees porf e as cuamd ee dm ti oc vb ieo fl aa ti ri oann sdt uf i dneanl t(su nml ea sys bt eh es us tbuj ed cetn tt of i bl eost ha

Page 23 of 93 gS rt ua dd ee ns tasn cwt ihoon sb ae nl i de vdei stchi pa tl i nt ha er yy ahcat ivoen g( rs oe ue nS dt us dfeonr t cVhi ao ll laetni ogni ns go ff aAccualdt ye md iecc Ii ns itoeng sr i trye gbaerl od wi n)g. au cs ai ndge mt hi ce i spsruoecse-d- euxr cee potui nt lgi ntehdo sbee pl oewr t. a iFnai cnug l ttyo mm ae tmt ebresr os f aarcea dreemq ui ci r ferde e tdoo mr e- p- mo raty aacpt ps e oa fl aOcf af idc ee mo fi cS tvui od leant it oCno tnod ut hc et iar ncdh Ca ior m, tmh eui nr i Dt ye aE nn ,g tahgee mP reonvt o) ,s at ,ntdh et hHe oVni coer PCroeusni dc ei ln(t t fhorro Su tguhd et hnet Engagement. Grade sanctions may be imposed only by faculty members. Academic suspension or es txupduel snitosnmma ya ya pbpee ai ml gproa sdeeds aonncl yt i obnys ti mh ep oPsreodv of os tr. aAc sa dwe mi t hi c dviisopl auttieosn aobnol yu tb yc of uo rl lsoewgi nr ag dt ehse, pa dr omciendi us trrea t oorus ttloi ncehda n gbee lao wg r. a dSet; ut dh ee ny tcsa n snhoot ualndd wn iol lt n oatt tdeomi tp ut n lteos s ap es rt us udaednet f oal lcoawd es mt hi ec gc or audr seeaoprp ae na l apdo-lhi coyc bc oe lmo wm iat nt ede ios fsfuacccuel st ys fmu leimn bpeerrss ut ha da ti nagcehiat hnegre tihs ewfaarcrual nt yt emd e. m b e r f o r t h e Student appeals of faculty academic decisions should be completed within 15 University bfaucsuilnteysms edmaybsera’sftedrectihseionst.udent’s first meeting with the faculty member to question the 1. Tmheem bs teurd’ se dn et c mi s iuosnt . fTi rhsits mmeeeetti nwg ist hh o ut hl de ofcaccuurl tays ms oeomn baes rp oa snsdi b dl ei sacfut esrs t ht heed ef ac ci sui lot ny hd ae sc i sbi oe enn. mTahde e f, anc ourl tmy aml l ye mwbi tehri ni s oenxep ewcet eedk toof tl ihset e ns t utdo e tnhtebsetiundg ennot ,t ipf ireodv iodfe t ahne ea xr gpul amneant itoins pf eorrs ut ha es i vdee. cTi os i cohna, nagnedf i nc ha la cnoguer st eh eg r ga rdaeds e, a of ar c udlet cyi smi oenm bi fe rt hmeu ss tt us du ebnmt ’ist ad e“cGi sr iaodne t oC hc ha na ng eg eFtohremg ”r aadned. Ta ht tea cf ahc ua lnt yamc ceommbpearn’ sy di negp amr temmeonrta cnhdaui mr a nj uds Dt i feyai nn gm tuhset 2. a I d f p i s t p h c r u e o s f v s a e c t u t h h lt e e y c m m ha e a n m tt g e b e r e . r wdiet hc l i nt hees t foa cc hu al tnyg emtehme bdeerc’iss i oi mn mo regdri aa dt ee , at hc aedset umdi ec nst umpaeyr vtihseonr (ahc ae dr eeamf tiec rs, u“ cphearivri”s wo ri)l l. bI ef tuhsee dc ht ao i mr beealni eeviet hs et rh at ht et hdee ps taur dt me netn’ st cphoas ii rt i oo rn thhaesi mmme rei td, i taht ee 3. c I m f h e t a h m i e r b w s e t i r u l l d d d e e i n c s l t c i n u is e s s s n o t t o h t e s c ah m t a i a n s t f g t i e e e dr t h w w e i i t d t h h e t c t h i h s e e i o f c a n h c a a u f i l t r t e ’ y s r m a d s ie s s m e c s u b s s e m s r i . e n ng ti towf tiht he ti hs seucehoa ri ri, ft thheesftaucduel nt yt mT haiys ct ho emnmriet qt euee cs ot nt hs iastt sa no f at dh rheoe ct ecnoumr me di tftaeceu ol tfy fma ceuml t by emr sewmibt he irns trheev iseawm et hdei smc iaptlti enre. ot ernduerpeadr ft amc eunl tty, umnel ems sb ec ri r cc aunmnsotta bn ec esse dl ei cc tt ea dt e f or ot hme rt wh ei ssea. mI f et hdei scchi apilri ndee ot err dmeipnaerst mt h ea nt ta,

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